Corona Virus Hoax research from Lumberjack Greg

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Grabbing some good stuff from discord.

Today at 4:46 PM

Apparently these 0;event 201” style exercises go way back. The summer before Ali-Akbar & the box-cutter gang and the anthrax that followed……
Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001. It was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread smallpox attack on the United States. Tara O’Toole and Thomas Inglesby of the John…
4:47 PM

Even had simulated news coverage.
4:48 PM

:point_up_2: Trigger Warning:Gun shots.:rofl:
4:48 PM
4:50 PM

Angie Miles went on to become a “real” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: news anchor for a CBS affiliate a fews years later.

Today at 5:08 PM

The participants are interesting. Politicians played politicians. Newspaper reporters played newspapers reporters. Security wonks played security wonks. From Dark Winter wiki:
5:08 PM
5:12 PM

Rudy Guliani’s right-hand man for New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, Jerome Hauer, plays the Director of FEMA.:thinking:

Today at 5:25 PM

Video game that came out in 2014 was based on the plot of the Dark Winter simulation:…
5:27 PM
5:27 PM

War on cash.:laughing:

Today at 6:53 PM

Good job on that. I’ll add it to the blog

Today at 7:50 PM

@Fakeologist I hadn’t heard of these epidemic simulations till the other day, started poking the googles after you turned me on to event 201.
7:50 PM
The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (abbreviated CHS; previously the UPMC Center for Health Security, the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies) is an independent, nonprofit organization of the Johns Hopkins Bl…
7:54 PM

I figure these guys:point_up_2: are probably in charge of the Corona narrative.

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  1. barbm124

    with the spring break this will be gone (or maybe not). As for now, they’re starting to close some schools here in Germany, churches give no messes anymore, soccer games take place of course. It’s brilliant, no? The system is so complete, they can control everything. All they need is to invent a fake news and spread it allover the world and everybody will follow. They did a similar thing a few years ago, around 2010 with the fake Eyjafjallajökull volcano cloud, when they stopped all the flights above Europe for a week. There was no plane in sight in Frankfurt for days. Unbelievable. Now they test other parts of the system. You know what they say: you can fool a lot of people for a long time, lets focus on those people.

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