Two coronavirus videos

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Via Simon.

The bottom line is that this supposed Coronavirus 0;pandemic” has obviously been planned in advance of the supposed Coronavirus outbreak.

You’ll now probably ask me: “how do I know this?”

Well, just set aside 11 minutes of your life and watch (all the way to the end) this video , uploaded on November 4, 2019 :….…

2 thoughts on “Two coronavirus videos

  1. barbm124

    I’m not so sure anymore, that this hoax will end with the spring break. It’s the first time in the history of human kind that we can spread the same memo simultaneously in the entire world and everywhere there are trained controllers waiting to follow orders. They write this corona script as it happens. The entire Italy is tested as a quarantine area. There are plans to give what they call a corona vacation in schools, meaning the kids will have to stay at home for two weeks. Airlines fly empty planes on scheduled flights, Soccer games are being played without audience. Occasionally they threaten to force people into home quarantines, etc. They recommend to keep 1-2m distance to other people and claim that the virus can be spread up to 4 m away at the same time. And the virus stays in the air for 30 minutes. Does this all make any sense? Can this be helping at all? No. It doesn’t even have to. It’s all a worldwide global test for obedience, for synchronicity of the offices and for stupidity of the masses. The good thing is, there is no contagion, nobody will get sick, nobody will die on corona, except he drinks to much beer. We cannot stop TPTB to play this stupid game so we have to arrange ourselves with the rules and make the best out of it. It may be played for a while yet, but sometime it will stop and become history. Just be patient and don’t worry. Because there is nothing to fear except the fear.

  2. barbm124

    this video is 11:45 long. lol. I’m wondering why do they make such things in the first place? There always is a video, an interview, a paper, etc. They always let us know what’s going on, no?
    It’s just, the majority does not pay attention. As I said previously: You can fool a lot of people for a log time. Lets focus on those people.


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