Coronavirus plushie

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How much more evidence of being orchestrated do you need?
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In October 2019 (two months before the first reported case of Coronavirus in China) a symposium with 130 exclusive guests named the 0;201 Event” was held in New York by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. The “201 event” (complete with fictitious TV news reports) simulated a future coronavirus [sic] pandemic that would spread catastrophically around the planet and cripple the world economy. Most “ironically”, the invitation to the event (see below) featured a “giant microbe”[sic] – as a prize to the early registrants to the event – in the form of a stuffed souvenir: a sun-shaped plushie surrounded by a red “corona”.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus plushie

  1. barbm124

    a Polish colleague of mine just told me, they closed all schools and universities there for two weeks to prevent the corona virus from spreading. Does the virus not spread on the streets or else where? What if after this two weeks someone gets sick? Another two weeks of vacation? The game becomes boring. I hope the have better writers for season 2.


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