Weasel word of the day: Presumptive 

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Coronahoax 2020 has brought words to the public that I guarantee they’ve never used or even heard of before.

Weasel words is a fakeologist term given to any words that deliberately and probably legally skirt the truth. They mean whatever comes after them are words or a concept that you can choose to believe, if you’re so gullible.

1: based on probability or presumption the presumptive nominee 2: giving grounds for reasonable opinion or belief

Source: Presumptive | Definition of Presumptive by Merriam-Webster

7 thoughts on “Weasel word of the day: Presumptive 

  1. ricky

    Hi Misom,
    I think you didn’t detect my sarcasm when using the term “black swan” in quotation marks. It’s only a useful term in explaining away well planned events as “accidents” to the normies. I’m hearing the term “act of God” a lot as well by the media. Although we know our overlords don’t have to wait to exercise their’ power, there is a definite strategy and patience being used, appearing to the public as happening organically and not being imposed from the top down. The gist of my post was that the public was ready to accept this new crises as 100% real, and to accept and embrace any measures imposed by “officials” with open arms.
    I liked your’ thought experiment as to how future “events” may play out, we’ll know in retrospect what the plan is, whatever the outcome, the public will think it was all caused by a “virus.” You gotta love it!

  2. ricky

    “Paranoid” doesn’t fit what I’ve heard from Misom. Measured and thoughtful are more accurate I think. I don’t know much about the Che Guevara “story,” but using vaccines as an increasing measure of control seems like it’s certainly being rolled out, mandatory vaccines are being pitched more and more as “common sense” in light of this “emergency.” I’ve long wondered what the excuse would be to re-structure the money system. It would have to occur out of necessity to counter a “black swan” event, lol! The media has prepared the public to perfection, they’re able to carry out jobs assisting the system, while being uncurious and stupid to the core, totally enamored with celebrity culture. There won’t be any resistance. I haven’t seen these types of sweeping institutional shutdowns in 67 years, they may walk it back, but I don’t know why at this point, everyone I see believes it, why not run with it? There’s also a weird pathology I’ve noticed with people I’ve tried to calm about the “virus,” the closer we get to some type of collapse or crackdown scenario, the more resistance I encounter. It reminds me of the “eloi” reaction when hearing their call for sacrifice, a distant, stupid, trance-like state, like they just heard they would be in a reality tv show.

    1. misom

      Hi Ricky and thanks for your thoughts.

      Absolutely, but why wait for a “black swan” when you have a “swan industry”? I mean why would any fraction of the powers wait for an accident to drive the whole thing into the complete and random destruction?

      I think actually that there are more than one swans underway. Here some thoughts I had:

      -If the u.s. want to hinder the “unification” of eurasia through the road-and-belt initiative they would want war with iran and therefore they would kill a very famous general who was on some peace mission in iraq – such symbolic psyop was also the beginning of the so called first WW.

      -if iran wants to avoid military confrontation with the u.s. they would answer with something deescalating, as they did by sending some missiles to a nato base in erbil after making a phone call to tell them leave the place – remember the hype in the media “did they or did they not injure american soldiers?”

      -One part of the involved powers intervened though by trying to escalate again, by attacking a commercial plane over teheran – remember that plane hoax which had all the hallmarks of british-israeli modus operandi ?

      -Soon after this geopolitical conflict theater (which triggered big pressure on the dispositive, leading among others to the cooperation of russia with the saudis and the plan to bankrupt the u.s. fracking industry and open the perspective for the replacement of the petrodollar as world reserve currency) some strain of a pathogen from the corona family was “detected” in wuhan and the chinese economy pulled the breaks fullstop.

      -China: Sorry guys, we don’t work anymore like slaves for the first world, we want better conditions.

      -Well, nobody can afford to attack a country that is in a “major” health crisis maintaining also 95% of the production lines for all medical supplies for the western world.

      -Guns are useless in this war.

      -Iran gets the virus and therefore immunity against nato invasion.

      -Italy gets the virus and the Europe2020 nato manoever is hold although 20000 soldiers are still in germany, if I remember right denmark refused to participate because of the coronavirus). Italy is very important, not only because they are a partner for the silkroad initiative (other european countries are also) but because it is the hot spot from where the pathogen RNA strain is being spread into central europe.

      -The pathogen is really pathogen, it causes illness in some cases, not more than other flu and corona pathogens though. BUT if italy goes full psyop (with the help of china and germany) by creating a hybrid crisis with real ill people and media panic support which explodes the health care system and maybe also with the help of the fact that the PCR tests which are used to detect the pathogen’s RNA has not been validated by any means so that it is able to detect ANY kind of corona strains without discretion: Voilà, here you go europe, play along and don’t fear the stay behind troops.

      How many swans do we recognize? Who is in the position to raise the tense onto the dispositiv of power by avoiding its main resource of power?

      We are living historical moments. Be safe everyone.

  3. misom

    Im also following these events unfolding having mixed and even conflicting hypotheses – partially because i am as you already know a lil bit oversensitive (aka paranoid).
    But i have the opportunity to be close to some events here in the heart of the financial scam-elites and started collecting my personal “red flags”.
    Here is one: A 32 year old woman allegedly died in Geneva on march 11th from the plandemic (thx Xile, always best humor around). But there is no publication of this death in the obligatory swiss (online) registry, not on the 11th, nor on the next days including the 15th.

    This is evidence for me that the numbers are inflated.

    I cant write a lot as you know i hate writing but: the meaning of this whole theater is polyfolded:

    It came after the proactive attempt of the us to start a hot war – aka alleged killing of iranian che guevara.

    Then there is of course the vaccine propaganda.

    And last but not least: the stock bubble, housing bubble, dept bubble, fiat money bubble, etc etc. are not going to be fixed within the paradigm ruling. Infight is too big. The so called elites are restructuring their powers.
    This goes always with controlled demolition and strategic relocation (DaveJ).
    This time the whole system is being controlled demolished under the pretext of an extraordinary “alien threat” called corona virus.

    Welcome to the world war in the age of biopolitics.

    We are not yet under housearrest here but schools etc are closed starting tomorrow.

    Stay safe everyone.

    1. ab Post author

      Thank you Misom for the very thoughtful reply. I look forward to hearing from you on a Saturday morning audio chat. Best, Ab.

  4. xileffilex

    This plandemic is the blackest of black box hoaxes. Nothing is verifiable. Any “expert” can say anything and off it goes… Any reference to numbers is meaningless. Anything can be made up.
    The use of the word presumptive is the current equivalent of “appears to show” in the MSM description of all those phoney videos suddenly ’emerging’ after a HRDPAR which show nothing other than actors in fuzzy definition.

    Stop press – triple presumption in Nova Scotia – I don’t think the NS health minister believes it as he reads out his script. Or perhaps it’s just his face…


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