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Learn you some virus mechanics

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If your mind is simple (like mine) then you need cartoons to understand science.

Here’s a cartoon that illustrates the absurdity of viri.

If don’t believe in DNA/RNA, like I don’t, and don’t believe in electron microscopy, like I don’t, then there’s not much here to convince that viri exist at all.

That nullifies the whole origin story of the Corona Virus Hoax, and of the current engineered economic collapse.

Everything real that is happening now is due to a myth.

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Only way to react to the Corona Virus Hoax

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Mayor goes to washroom in between the Corona virus meeting in Georgetown, TX and forgot to remove his mic from tie.

An oldie but a goodie.

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Plandemic and other new words

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So many new words and phrases to use to help reinforce the myth.

Like fakeologist, we need words to emphasize the new concept.

My favorite word so far is plandemic. This accurately describes the fakeologist viewpoint. #plandemic

Phrases I find amusing being used regularly are

  • Social distancing
  • Self quarantine
  • Self isolation

Every time you use the new terms you help spread the myth.

Everyone time you say fakeologist you help others search for the website, since Google’s 98% monopoly that we have them will not find fakeologist.com.


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HBC596 -Corona Busters – Markus Allen returns

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It takes a #plandemic to get the dynamic duo back together.

Call 596 -Down On The Farm (Human Ranch).

2020-03-17 by darwinsdead

Web player: podplayer.net/?id=99156388
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,Carnivore Diet, Markus Allen Calls In, Ulcerative Colitis, Coffee, Vegetables are Toxic, Magical Castor Oil, The Bates Method, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Paul Saladino, Logical Fallacies, Q Anon, Cloak and Dagger, Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophilia Rings, Bill Gates Resigns from Microsofts Board and Berkshire Hathaway, Oprah Arrested, Societal Breakdown, Compliance Rituals, Google Censorship, Post-Corona America, 5G, Genealogy, Vegan Questions, Regenerative Farming, Cement Industry Biggest Contributor to Global Greenhouse Gasses, Discount Stores, Forced Medical Interventions, Title 13 of the US Code, The Constitution of the United States, Trump Going down in History as the Worst US President Ever, The Whitehouse Animated Series, liverichusa.com

Intro Music: Down on the farm by UK Subs,
Outro Music: Rock Me by Electronic Concept Orchestra

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Everything Contagion got right on the Coronavirus outbreak 

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Coronavirus Hoax 2020 is a composite of the past movies. The scripts are merged for today’s reality.

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