HBC596 -Corona Busters – Markus Allen returns

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It takes a to get the dynamic duo back together.

Call 596 -Down On The Farm (Human Ranch).

2020-03-17 by darwinsdead

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The Big Scare, Medical Industry is the Number One Cause of Death, Joe Rogans Disease Expert , Bone Fractures Heal Themselves, Real Longevity
,Carnivore Diet, Calls In, Ulcerative Colitis, Coffee, Vegetables are Toxic, Magical Castor Oil, The Bates Method, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Saladino, Logical Fallacies, Q Anon, Cloak and Dagger, Jeffrey Epstein, Pedophilia Rings, Bill Gates Resigns from Microsofts Board and Berkshire Hathaway, Oprah Arrested, Societal Breakdown, Compliance Rituals, Google Censorship, Post-Corona America, 5G, Genealogy, Vegan Questions, Regenerative Farming, Cement Industry Biggest Contributor to Global Greenhouse Gasses, Discount Stores, Forced Medical Interventions, Title 13 of the US Code, The Constitution of the United States, Trump Going down in History as the Worst US President Ever, The Whitehouse Animated Series, liverichusa.com

Intro : Down on the farm by UK Subs,
Outro Music: Rock Me by Electronic Concept Orchestra

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2 thoughts on “HBC596 -Corona Busters – Markus Allen returns

  1. dante

    great to hear the band back together!

    fyi – i was unable to download and play on my phone earlier in the week. tried many times on both links.

    and on my laptop last night (and this morning) it loaded better, but i still had to reload the page several times as it kept stopping. not a major matter, but would be interested if anyone else experienced these issues.

    re: NIco – never met him, but i recall seeing him at one of the 911 truth marches 10 years ago. and several members of We Are Change were accusing him and other ‘no planers’ of being a shill / paid agent / provocateur. even before i was fully aware of media fakery, it always annoyed me that ‘truthers’ were shaming NPT … despite it being obvious shanksville footage was silly, pentagon footage ridiculous, and the clear media complicity in the event. people already thought it was crazy at the time … why not just dig for the ‘truth’ wherever it goes. oh well.

    would love to dive deeper on the 360 year human history hoax / genealogical cutoffs and how this intersects with TPTB right now.

    re: people ‘waking up’…i agree with Markus that over the years more people are ‘seeing’ more things and sharing all sorts of material on YT, Social channels etc. but just like you can’t get your great great grandmother’s name…they do not (or cannot) go as far as people here can go with regard to the full scope of deception. and usually will still just defer to the tv or herd consensus when pressed. they don’t contextualize and synthesize all the questions they’ve had about prior events, let alone their beliefs about the world. that’s been my experience with a fairly large sample size.

    *if i had access to heat, i’d definitely buy with ample supply. but if it comes to a purge / permanent martial law scenario…WIALOT : /

    i can imagine how much more difficult it must be with children to protect.

    looking forward to more HBCs.

    as i listen to the tail end, i was just reading the article on Idris Elba’s wife testing positive with a

    Winfrey called the pandemic “a moment for our humanity to either rise or not.”

    interesting choice of words. what could she mean by ‘rising or not?’ – if we are in a pandemic?


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