Learn you some virus mechanics

likes this

If your mind is simple (like mine) then you need cartoons to understand science.

Here’s a cartoon that illustrates the absurdity of viri.

If don’t believe in DNA/RNA, like I don’t, and don’t believe in electron microscopy, like I don’t, then there’s not much here to convince that viri exist at all.

That nullifies the whole origin story of the Hoax, and of the current engineered economic collapse.

Everything real that is happening now is due to a myth.

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1 thought on “Learn you some virus mechanics

  1. barbm124

    that’s a silly video without any content. As for electron microscopes they do work but have limits and the majority of claimed pics of viruses and such are fakes. The old electron microscopes were made like the TV sets back then. You remember the old, small black and white TV’s AB? There is an electron stream generator using high voltage on one side, there are electromagnetic electrodes in the middle steering this stream and there is a luminescent screen at the end where this stream of electrons creates a luminescence point by point which can be a TV program or the projection of a thin probe which had to be exposed to some silver steam or something which would electromagnetically contrast the probe for the stream of electrons. This microscopes work only in vacuum and the probe needs to be prepared for this, which means any water in cells has to be replaced by something like acetone and all that has to be fixed by resin and then cut into very thin slices and then covered with a thin metallic surface. The difference between the TV set and such microscope is actually that the TV set was made as a closed, empty tube which never got open again. The microscope is an open tube which needs to be emptied of any air before the projection starts. I saw myself how it was done and understand very well how this works. Today they claim to be able to use organic probes without all that preparations, which cannot work in vacuum and therefor must be a lie. There are other limits. If you prepare an organic probe like I described above it becomes denatured. No organic matter looks like the pics in reality. Even the pics of cells don’t represent the reality. They show a contrasted snapshot of a previously living object which always is denatured then and not alive anymore. For instance the pics of the corona virus show dying cells trying to extract spores from which the cells can regenerate when the environment becomes more friendly again.

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