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35 reasons this is fraud

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Test kits don’t work. So they can’t know how many have it. How can we trust the media to truthfully report cases, when the test kits can’t identify cases, and suffer both from false positives and false negatives? The FDA page, and the CDC page, both list problems of false positives and false negatives for the test kits in use.

Source: 35 Sources showing the COVID19 / corona virus is over hyped, and likely fraud. – RevealingFraud.com (by Jason Hommel)

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Land of the epidemic

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File this story under the category farce upon farce.

If you trust any of the mainstream Media news after reading insanely stupid stories like this then you deserve the COVID19 abuse you get every day.

When will people wake up?

Isis has warned its followers to avoid travelling to Europe because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Reversing its previous calls for jihadists to target the area, the terrorist group advised supporters not to enter “the land of the epidemic”.


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You can’t catch what you’ve already got

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Build up your health and the micro organisms within won’t turn on you.

This is the best time to explore (and dispel) the germ theory instead of worrying about your toilet paper stocks.

I still think the truth centers around introducing animal bacteria into humans, but I’m not certain.

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Plandemic is mass panic – nothing more

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You are all being studied for your reaction: congratulations herd: you failed (but performed as planned and hoped)!

The media has forced a panic down our throats from the top, when all that is really happening is cold and flu season. But at the end of the day, as comical and absurd as this all is at its heart, the saddest part is that panic is panic. It does not matter how manufactured or ridiculous the panic is. Once society is panicking, it really does not matter what caused the panic or whether it makes sense. Society is deep in a panic for the ages right now. It is on par with the greatest instances of mass hysteria

Source: Coronavirus Panic is Mass Hysteria and Nothing More – Piece of Mindful

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Time accelerated on 3/11

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“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” ? Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Source: Quote by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: “There are decades where nothing happens; and th…”

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