Plandemic is mass panic – nothing more

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You are all being studied for your reaction: congratulations herd: you failed (but performed as planned and hoped)!

The media has forced a panic down our throats from the top, when all that is really happening is cold and flu season. But at the end of the day, as comical and absurd as this all is at its heart, the saddest part is that panic is panic. It does not matter how manufactured or ridiculous the panic is. Once society is panicking, it really does not matter what caused the panic or whether it makes sense. Society is deep in a panic for the ages right now. It is on par with the greatest instances of mass hysteria

Source: Coronavirus Panic is Mass Hysteria and Nothing More – Piece of Mindful

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4 thoughts on “Plandemic is mass panic – nothing more

  1. barbm124

    actually ab, the masses did not behaved as planned. There are still to many people not following the recommendations. Parks are full of people as the weather is quite nice this days. Of course the media blame them for being egoistic and not helping in fight against corona. The commons sense just cannot be suppressed completely, see? Since as far as I know they closed schools almost all over Europe, I’m convinced this “fight against corona” will soon be over because the homeschooling recommendations are everywhere on voluntary basis and they cannot keep children too long out of the school and without their proper conditioning. When the schools start again, they’ll have to repeat everything. They cannot make the gap to big. I expect a slow down of the drill maybe next week already. But what do I know? As for me, I got home office access due to Corona but am still working everyday in my regular office yet. This may also change. Could be nice for a change. Working from home in the spring, yes, I could get used to that. Also they defined Egypt, Phillipines, Dominican Republic, all regions where Europeans go for holidays in the wintertime as dangerous regions. Not their neighbors though. Just the most popular tourists places. Every day I see less and less people on the streets and in stations, which means more and more people are being kept out of their regular routines. Yet still shops and malls are regularly open, restaurants till 6PM, garbage collectors work too, everything’s fine then. The cities became quiet and it actually feels quite nice. Nobody has to suffer anything so far IMO. I kinda like it.

    1. ab Post author

      I like the reduced traffic, but the weather here is still cold and no one is playing the parks (they rarely did before). Whatever is happening in your area it is being studied and noted by the controllers.

      1. barbm124

        since we know it is all fake, ain’t that amazing? They control the entire world now. Everybody does what they tell him to do. In every country. Never in history of humankind there was such an opportunity for TPTB. I’m wondering what will they do next? Anyway it proves what I always say: there is no virus at all, all news are fake and we have a world government.

  2. xileffilex

    Interesting that China organised the World Flu Day in late 2018, just a year before the “outbreak” in Wuhan
    to commemorate the influenza epidemic straight after WW1……

    World Flu Day had four major purposes: to commemorate the centenary of the 1918–19 influenza pandemic; to raise public awareness of influenza; to accelerate scientific innovation and basic research efforts toward remaining challenges of influenza, particularly the development of a universal flu vaccine; and to push for stronger global political will in continuing the support of influenza prevention and control.

    Historical lessons from influenza should remain at the core of global efforts for pandemic preparedness.
    Dateline Nov 3 2018 The Lancet
    Well, fancy that!

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