Socially jettisoned

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As a fakeologist, it’s clear, due to the worldwide corporate compliance, that Corona Hoax 2020 will eclipse the hoax.

That said, you will find a 100% awareness of this event, and a 99% acceptance of its original seed of , the phony .

If you dare question the origin story, be prepared for anger, hostility, and shunning.

You will be quickly socially isolated and involuntarily quarantined.

Best bounce your ideas and thoughts here, and send anyone with a twinge of interest to our main page,

If they click the first and only link, then at least they’re prepared to meet the 1%.

Otherwise, leave them be.

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2 thoughts on “Socially jettisoned

  1. dante

    “You will be quickly socially isolated and involuntarily quarantined.”

    so funny, but so true :/

    if i hadn’t wasted so much time in the last few days …i’d transcribe some of my chats with disparate groups. even when ‘jumped’ 4 on 1 – with little time to respond to every rapid fire question simultaneously – they have the temerity and unmitigated gall to accuse me of dodging their question(s).

    even after i caught one in a lie…(at best unintentional) after checking his claim about a local hospital around his way hosting a neighbor he saw carried out on a stretcher….with husband and son allegedly also catching the new flu.

    2 out of 3 weren’t admitted, and the elderly woman could take phone calls no problem. prolly self-admitted due to the fear.

    yet was there a retraction? of course not. was there any diminution of confidence in the CDC and the medical industry – for which they’ll soon have both shoulders ready and wiped for injection?

    of course not.

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