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The Coronavirus Hoax by Dr. Ron Paul

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Faux fakeologist Ron Paul calls it a hoax – sort of.

Too bad he doesn’t question viri, as all doctors should.

People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus “pandemic” could be a big hoax, with the actual danger of the disease massively exaggerated by those who seek to profit – financially or politically – from the ensuing panic.


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Here come the Covid stories

like this

Self isolating is more important than visiting your dead husband in the funeral home?

Article actually links to the (sim) band’s barren placeholder page, created yesterday.

As sad as this story may sound, no story in the media can be taken as truth. They lost their authority on 9/11.

Sean had a form of chronic leukaemia, but was otherwise healthy and physically active. He did not rely on any medication.

After two days of struggling at home, Sean was urged by his wife to visit the hospital. He was not tested for COVID-19 because he did not fit the criteria at the time, which specified foreign travel to any country with COVID-19 cases as a risk factor.


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