Here come the Covid stories

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Self isolating is more important than visiting your dead husband in the funeral home?

Article actually links to the (sim) band’s barren placeholder page, created yesterday.

As sad as this story may sound, no story in the media can be taken as truth. They lost their authority on .

Sean had a form of chronic leukaemia, but was otherwise healthy and physically active. He did not rely on any medication.

After two days of struggling at home, Sean was urged by his wife to visit the hospital. He was not tested for COVID-19 because he did not fit the criteria at the time, which specified to any country with COVID-19 cases as a risk factor.…

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27 thoughts on “Here come the Covid stories

  1. xileffilex

    Thanks to a newbie at CF, here’s one of those gold dust [for us fakeologists] videos which show how transparently phoney this whole Coronahoax is. Look at the video of this duping emergency doctor in US hotpot [alleged[ NYC…

    In addition, the CF poster notes that this duping doc was an author of a mass crisis event peer reviewed paper only a year ago which required plenty of moulage. No strange to faking things then, doc.
    Don’t you just love the refrigerated semi-trailer parked up behind the hospital to store all the bodies…
    What a mockery.

    What a great time to stock up your hospital!
    Anyone want a job lot of ventilators when this phoney corona baloney dies down?

    1. xileffilex

      And here’s the faking simulation doctor, Colleen Smith ** still faking it on twitter…
      Colleen Smith @Juniper949
      100s of vents in a warehouse doesn’t help me when I’m looking at 3 patients who need to be intubated and I only have 1 vent at my hospital. #math #coronavirus #thanksforthevents
      Oversæt Tweet
      2.38 PM · 29. mar. 2020·Twitter Web App

      ** – Colleen Smith, MD
      Other interests: Travel, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels,
      ….and promoting fantasy plandemics

      Here’s another of Smith’s faking mates from Rhode Island, retweeting her…
      Megan Ranney MD MPH @meganranney
      I haven’t been tweeting as much today. And this is why.
      We are all – ALL – working as fast as we can in RI to do what we can to stop this tsunami of #COVID19 infection & death. It’s taking everything that every one of us has. May it be enough.
      8:55 pm · 28 Mar 2020

      More of the same, earlier from this’Harley woman’ faker being promoted by CNN…

      Brian Stelter @brianstelter
      Please watch what Dr. Megan Ranney told
      . “We need masks TODAY. We are pleading on social media, #GetMePPE, to keep me and my patients safe…”
      5:20 pm · 19 Mar 2020


      Tip for Ranney – nip down to your local sports shop [if it hasn’t been shut down] and stock up with scuba diving masks.

      1. xileffilex

        Now that Colleen Smith, simulationist, has predictably caught “mild” coronavirus [lol!] we must find others continue the media fakery of the ‘disaster zones’ inside hospitals.
        Step up CBS who found hospital staff who had shot footage inside their hospital for them[plenty of free time, then]…
        interview with Dr Amit Uppol, a key player in the Ebola Hoax

        Full story here, with major contributors [stokers of panic] Dr Gul Saidi and Dr Mangala Narasimha both at the Jewish Medical Center in Queens, NY…
        On comes Dr. Eric Gottesman, of North Shore University Hospital
        And there are more of these “Harley man doctors and medics”

        We watched as temporary morgues were set up in tents and 45 refrigerated trailers were made ready. Enough space, overall, for the potential of 3,500 bodies, about a thousand more than were lost at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

        Be very scared.

        We watched as temporary morgues were set up in tents and 45 refrigerated trailers were made ready. Enough space, overall, for the potential of 3,500 bodies, about a thousand more than were lost at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

        And that refrigerated semi-trailer is doing the rounds- now at Brookvale Hospital NY for CNN @2:35 below [hospital morgue capacity only 20]
        Dr Arabia Mollette the key hoaxer there.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Hello, since I took a new job a year back I’ve not been as obsessively following Fakeologist on a daily basis as I used to. It’s been quite liberating as I tended to find myself constantly drawn into waste-of-time conversations like – ”why are you, an apparently intelligent person, attaching that bullshit to your argument”. It’s quite a relief to accept that it’s just the nature of the ‘alternative World’ and it’s not my job to police it. That said, I still check the site often and it’s a great resource, especially during a grand Psyop, the like of which we’re living through.

    The job I took was in homecare work for the old and vulnerable , so I’m quite close to some of what’s going on on the ‘front line’.
    The company looks after about 100 people and of those we have had one diagnosis of Coronavirus so far. This was a very frail and poorly lady with various conditions including severe dementia who didn’t have clue what was happening.
    She never should have been allowed home in the first place but having returned to hospital after a week at home we were told she’d been diagnosed with Coronavirus. This caused havoc because it meant that all eleven carers who had visited her while she was at home had to be isolated for two weeks.
    No one had any symptoms , but Instantly just one diagnosis meant my company was short staffed and under pressure.
    It’s easy to see why the NHS was asking for 250,000 volunteers if this sort of procedure has been going on everywhere.

    The one piece of programming for this that stands out to me is the adoption of the term ‘Viral’ in the internet age. Things started going ‘viral ‘ a few years back. Perfect to get the idea that viral things expand rapidly and go huge, in all the kids heads.
    The thing is, viruses (in the medical world ) are a bad thing, so why use that term for things that have become popular ? Of course, we know why.
    (It’s a bit like calling a site designed for people to communicate on, ‘Discord’ )

    Talking of which, I hate Discord, especially with those fucking tedious notifications all the time so I haven’t been that bothered that I can’t seem to log on there anymore , but it is handy for the audio. I’ll perhaps make an effort to come and say hello at some point.

    Much love, be safe and don’t touch your eyes.

    1. ab Post author

      Tom, you’re welcome back any time. You’ve always been one of my favorite people here. You can turn off notifications, as I’m sure you see aware. Please call in tonight with your two cents.

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Thanks Ab,
        It’s my ineptitude and impatience which has meant I’ve tried to log in to Discord but keep failing.
        I had an account but every time I try to sign in it tells me to claim and verify my account and that my Email’s already used. That sort of thing drives me feckin nuts. Sorry, this isn’t the trouble shooting channel!

    2. psyopticon

      I’m sure you should be prefacing your personal anecdote with the all-important word “alleged”, Tom. “Alleged Infection” There is no valid test for “coronavirus”. Therefore any diagnosis is subjective and based only on presenting symptoms.

      Gladly cleared that up for you. So that we can look at this hoax without the added confusion of more disinformation, wilful or otherwise. Ahem!

      What noteworthy to say, about the Martial Law now in-force across much of the UK, imposed through the pretext of the #coronavirushoax ?

      Here’s the primary legislation —
      Coronavirus Act 2020

      And the second of two statutory instruments —
      The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020

      All manner of nasties in there. The martial law itself of course, forbidding us from leaving our own homes without lawful authority. But also open-ended surveillance powers, the end of confirmatory death certificates and the abandonment of inquests for “alleged” ‘coronavirus’ victims. An absolute gem for death fakery.

      And what are your thoughts, Tom, on the Government’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty? Duped? Or blackmailed? Clearly just a puppet of the globalists – the secret global government that has imposed Martial Law across much of the world. But, nevertheless, mind-bending Whitty is very cogent, and manifests no obvious signs of acting under duress. At a Nuremberg-style Tribunal, death by hanging? What says you, Tom?

      1. Tom Dalpra

        Yes, ‘alleged’, of course , quite right. I was in a hurry.
        Now, are you suggesting ”Death by hanging ” for Chris Whitty for deceiving us, ‘me old mate’ Pslyopticon ?
        If so, I think you should be at least flogged for some of your input over the years . ‘Wilful or otherwise’, I think you’d be setting a dangerous precedent for yourself if you hung Chris Whitty :-).

        I don’t watch television much but I did turn it on and see him once.
        Nuremberg was a complete travesty of justice so I wouldn’t recommend anything ‘Nuremberg-style’ for him. Perhaps maybe pin him down and tickle him.

        Back in the ‘real World’ that legislation certainly makes a lot of sense.

        1. psyopticon

          Okay, okay, Tom-occhio! (see what i did there, huh?!)

          Yes, hang em. Never did me any harm.

          Hanging – good enough for Dr Mengele;; more than good enough for Prof. Whitty.

          Dress it up as a CLUEDO plot for the kids:

          Professor Whitty. In the Lab. With the noose.

          Or maybe firing squad. And turn it into a musical. Whitty Whitty Bang Bang!

      2. smj

        I doubt that any of reich bigwigs were hung at Nuremberg…

        …not saying that no one died or got hurt of course. Some of the firing squad footage of the lower level reichers appears real to my untrained eyes.

  3. xileffilex

    CNN also chose to use the UK scare story of junior Dr Katie Sanderson, and others….…
    which also contained this golden nugget from An emergency medicine registrar at a north London hospital, Dr. Robert Lloyd, [just] returned from holiday [lucky to get back, Doc!]

    “Over the last few days, it is empty in the morning and in the afternoon it gets flooded, literally flooded, completely at capacity, and all patients are almost perfectly positive [for coronavirus].”

    hmmm wonder if it’s the same hospital as Katie’s? Ans – NO **

    Lloyd, the north London doctor, told CNN that 30-year-olds were among the seriously ill patients he saw this week, whose x-rays “look like a bomb had gone off on either side of their chest.”

    [Lloyd] was “frightened for the implications the virus has for society, it is going to have a major impact and a huge body count.”

    Best scaremongering article yet [ March 27]…
    **North Middlesex Hospital Edmonton N18, spent time in Australia
    Robert Lloyd
    Emergency Medicine ST4. Blogger. Podcaster. NHS Clinical Entrepreneur.
    The blogging and podcasting seems to have stopped in late 2018

    Afterthought – how does anyone actually get to hospital with coronavirus? All advice is to stay at home with the symptoms. My suspicion is that all the people in hospitals, with serious conditions and who unfortunately expire there [quite normal] are roped into the figures with bogus post-hoc CV positives.

  4. psyopticon

    Grand job, as ever, Felix. “Katie”, or Katherine Emma Sanderson, is at the Whittington, N.London.…

    A junior doctor. Very Junior. According to GMC Register, only obtained her licence to practise in Aug 2018, and still in postgrad training. “Primary medical qualification MB BS 2017 Kings College London.”

    At 32 years old, a latecomer to the noble profession. Doing what before the career change? She draws a blank at BMDs; possibly Emma Katherine Sanderson, b.Q3 1987 Lambeth; mother Watson?

    Ireland has her own Harley [Street] woman. Dr Julia Courtney. Respiratory consultant at Ulster Hospital. Her alarmist video pimped out on Twitter by quack colleague Dr Johnny Cash, and “seen by 130,000 viewers” (who’s counting?)…

    As warned by Big Brother in its mass messaging of every mobile phone in Britain, the Coronavirus Act 2020 passed into law yesterday (Wed 25 March). An impenetrable 358 pages of “emergency” legislation that was obviously drawn up long before the plan-demic. Jam-packed with totalitarian new laws, quite unrelated to the “contagion”, which will long outlive the coronavirus hoax itself.……

    It seems obvious from the empty supermarket shelves, that the disruption to our food supply chains is the result of wilful engineering. Nothing to do with panic buying. Deliberately engineered food insecurity to induce fear and panic. MI5 ran a simulation study of this a few years back; asking “how long before they riot?”

    The new Coronavirus Act 2020 contains powers forcing food suppliers to disclose information on their supply chains. See Section 25. No doubt nothing to do with mitigating food shortages. These are new malevolent powers for the Nutwork, so that it can efficiently coordinate panic among shoppers.

    1. xileffilex

      I’ll look up the Oirish Harley Street woman later, Psyopticon. Meanshile…
      Guy Sanderson
      March 22 at 10:04 AM ·
      a friend who is a doctor, is back in a north London hospital after a day away and says it is absolutely catastrophic. They’ve run out of ventilators and she is having to palliate people in their 50s with no underlying health conditions – people who will certainly die on their own with no visitors. People are waiting to go into the intensive care unit in their 30s and 40s who are likely to die waiting. Her message is don’t go out for any reason unless you can actually not survive without it. And also please spend the day calling or writing to everyone you know telling them what is happening that that they should do the same. Her words are ‘you have to tell everyone you know or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life’.

      i.e a “sister” who is a doctor…..? Why the secrecy?

      This one admits her being a sister…

  5. xileffilex

    “Harley woman” for the UK end of the “pandemic”

    Key UK perp to keep us all scared with stories of horror – “junior doctor” Katie Sanderson who has been sent in with her script to national newspapers, ITV and BBC. She has no other presence in the media [rather like a junior doctor was sent onto the MSM following the Westminster Bridge hoax] As if a more experienced or senior doctor or consultant couldn’t be found….
    Interesting that the media won’t say which London hospital she allegedly works at. Why the secrecy? Perhaps it’s not her real name?

    From 1:18:30 here, BBC Radio –…
    ITV –[video]…
    [love the eye chart behind her!]

    Dr Katie Sanderson said the situation was “really, really horrible” as she described the challenge, in the face of so much death, of not treating every patient as “a number”.
    Dr Sanderson said she was speaking out because she wanted the country to be prepared for what London was already facing.

    as quoted in the Mail….…
    Stemming from the above BBC interview, in Metro:…
    The 32-year-old said that some colleagues her age were fighting for their lives in hospital and others had already made their wills.
    Dr Sanderson, who said she wears red clogs to work to cheer herself up, added: ‘I am 32 and I have colleagues in intensive care who are in their 30s. A friend who is 28 told me they had made their will.

    She told how she has been ‘reduced to tears in the work loos’ after seeing pictures of ‘huge crowds on Clapham Common and Highbury Fields’ and people queuing ‘unsafely’ up and down the country.

    ‘I am having conversations with patients who are going to die asking whether they want to die in hospital where we are currently not able to have visitors, or whether they want to die at home,’ Dr Sanderson told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.
    suuuuuure, but the lemmings will be very scared and obey the state.

    The Metro talks of patients with terminal Coronavirus, like there’s such a thing as a terminal cold or ‘terminal flu’. It’s utter nonsense.

    And here she is in the Guardian, asking for mobile phones and chargers for the terminal and non-terminal covid cases…

    Because, of course, these sim-patients cannot have visits from “loved ones”.
    People are having to use videolinks to say their last goodbyes to dying relatives with Covid-19 because hospitals are curtailing visits to prevent spread of the virus.
    suuuuure [anonymous source for this fake looking story]
    Say goodbye, but say hello if you pull through…

    Thought – is Sanderson an actor, rather than a doctor? Poster ‘expert’ for the #plandemic.


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