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Vast Canada not big enough for effective social distancing

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The insanity of the psyOp reaches another new height.

I can hardly wait until the morning to see what’s next.

Space out (at least 6! feet) you Corona sinner!

Conservation Halton says it had to close its parks indefinitely on Saturday, after a “massive spike” in people and “poor behaviour,” as health experts desperately plead for social distancing

Source: Conservation Halton closes parks after overcrowding, rule-breaking and poor social | CBC News

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FAC658-More Corona

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Another star studded cast including Ab, Ashelloooo, John Le Bon, Original Simulant, Velocet, Exoterick, Golden Skidmark, Whey Farer, Beevie, Farcevalue

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Attaching crazy to doubters

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Not sure if this is even her kid, but attaching the story to a well known politico helps propel then propaganda. Helps contain the doubters by the discredit by association psychological technique.

Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s son Julian Leonetti, 27, has uploaded photos of himself to social media where he called the ongoing coronavirus pandemic a “hoax.”


Interesting how his instagram post calls it Corona 2020. My main page calls it similarly – Corona Hoax 2020. Not sure how many other sites have labeled it such. Was he or his narrators visiting here?

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Add Corona to your resume

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Does anyone here really think that a perfectly healthy celebutard could go to a hospital and get a fictitious test when they exhibit absolutely no symptoms? The idea is prima fascia absurd.

The only place they could get this done is in a fictitious hospital to get a fictitious test to say they have a fictitious positive.

Celebrities are paid actors to do the elite’s bidding. This is part of their role- reality programming. In exchange they are allowed to be reused and recycled for all the movies you worship them for. It is very transparent if you allow yourself to sit back away from your celebrity idol and see that the emperor has no clothes.

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Simpsons predictive programming

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They are not prophetic. The script writers of the best and most popular TV shows and movies are used to write your reality script. Predictive programming is used to condition people to accept absurd ideas, including today’s coronavirus script.

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