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  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    The cov Ides of March was certainly unlucky for Caesar, who actually was killed on that day. (Of course these days a psychic making such a death threat would be investigated by the Secret Service.) Since that time the idea stuck that the Ides of March is unlucky or a portent of doom—even if your name isn’t Caesar
    In the ancient Roman calendar, each month had an Ides. In March, May, July, and October, the Ides fell on the 15th day. In every other month, the Ides fell on the 13th day. The word Ides derives from a Latin word, meaning to divide.
    so not only economically viable ,some wacky story to attach it to.
    you need actors to act so gotta keep the script going.
    will it end in a puff of smoke like it started ? maybe on 420.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    so lets sum this up the artistocrats ,set the corona ball rolling in a six week period where most occidental folks either have a week off or more due to illness,either way loss of creativity thats predictable . or a holiday in another climate , use the holiday cash in the “emergency”,plus the actor politicians all get checked coveniently,and anyone who would kick up a fuss has been scared home or forced home from work , and the main folks that lose out are non tax payers because theyll be no compensation either way loss of creativity thats unpredictable , neatly attached to everyday respiratory deaths ,
    does ellen burstyn ever knock ,are all spanyards 33 inches wide, film at 11,


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