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Now you know why they parked the 737s

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It’s becoming clear to me now that the software “glitch” grounding the 737Max was just a cover story for the end game of Coronavirus Hoax 2020.

The airline industry collapse clearly won’t need these planes – and many more.

This probably gave everyone time to write off, insure, or otherwise take care of themselves of the write off costs.

Sometimes you have to wait a while – or longer – to find out the end game of psyOps, like the 737Max mass grounding.

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‘Quarantine shaming’: More newspeak to absorb

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The ecofascists coined “flight shaming” for wanting to fly.

Now we have quarantine shaming – and the logical extension of snitching to your unfriendly quarantine officer.

East Germany is born again – worldwide.

Wow. Just wow.

I hope being a fakeologist never becomes dangerous.

“Quarantine shaming” — calling out those not abiding by social distancing rules — is part of a new and startling reality for Americans who must navigate a world of rapidly evolving social norms in the age of COVID-19. As schools close and shelter-in-place orders sweep across the U.S., the divide between those who are stringently practicing self-isolation and those who are still trying to go about some semblance of a normal life has never been more clear. Complicating matters: What was socially acceptable ev

Source: ‘Quarantine shaming’: US navigates radical new social norms

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Don’t quarantine, go to jail

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Quarantine officers can ask a peace officer (cop) to drag you to quarantine.

Looks like they want some more power – to take you to quarantine – in jail.

I didn’t think dystopia would arrive in my lifetime. It’s getting closer in Canada.

The Quarantine Act, which was updated in 2005 after the deadly SARS outbreak, gives the federal health minister the power to designate quarantine zones and fine or jail travellers who disobey quarantine requests. If a designated quarantine officer believes that a traveller has refused to isolate themselves, they can ask a peace officer to arrest the traveller and bring them into quarantine.

Source: Hajdu looking at criminal penalties for travellers who disobey quarantine advice | CBC News

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MM has a message to the governors, and to you

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First, the message to you:

You may think I am way out on a limb here, but you may be interested to know that former
Congressman Ron Paul is saying pretty much the same thing. The difference is, Paul concedes that corona may have killed 100 people in the US. I don’t concede that it has killed any. Corona, defined as some new dangerous strain they are calling COVID19, is totally manufactured. And I don’t mean manufactured in a lab. I mean manufactured on paper, and played out on a stage. I concede that some old people are dying of respiratory problems from flu symptoms, but they always are. It is nothing new. The fact is, corona strains have been around for a long time, and these strains almost always work in tandem. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine which of a multitude of strains caused the death.
These new deaths are assigned to corona simply to fit the script, which is why I say the numbers have no medical basis. As Paul admits, they are massaged from the ground up, and this scare has nothing to do with preventing the spread of disease and everything to do with abetting the intentional spread of fear. Do not allow this to succeed. Do not be afraid. I’m not. Be angry.

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Oppose Covid money, get sick

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Son of Covid Hoax supporter Ron Paul steps up to be the controlled opposition and wear the scarlett “C”.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Sunday that he had tested positive for the disease caused by the new coronavirus, becoming the first member of the Senate to report a case of COVID-19. He said in a tweet that he was feeling fine and was in quarantine.


This psyop is a monster.

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FAC659-It’s still Corona time or is it Kobyvirus?

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Covid targets celebs actors and politicians

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Since celebutards and politicians are getting COVID at an exponential rate compared to the regular riff raff, I ask the question, How can this be a bad thing?

Whatever they have, even if it is fictitious, to take out these deceivers — let’s make more of it!

After I write this, I see one of the top Youtubers and shameless shills (who makes top videos) is busy shilling for the governors.

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These quitters didn’t want to go down with the torpedoed economy

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CEOs can be canaries in a coal mine. My bet is the resignations over the last year are people who did not want to participate or have their good names trashed in the engineered economic reset known as Corona hoax 2020.

No I don’t think Qanon is anything more than cointel pro.


Since Dec. 26th, 2017 Resignations, Retirements, Firings and Deathcases are tracked!

Total numbers are not that important – but individual cases are! Not everyone on the list is a bad person! RESEARCH! QResear.ch

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