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First, the message to you:

You may think I am way out on a limb here, but you may be interested to know that former
Congressman Ron is saying pretty much the same thing. The difference is, Paul concedes that corona may have killed 100 people in the US. I don’t concede that it has killed any. Corona, defined as some new dangerous strain they are calling COVID19, is totally manufactured. And I don’t mean manufactured in a lab. I mean manufactured on paper, and played out on a stage. I concede that some old people are dying of respiratory problems from flu symptoms, but they always are. It is nothing new. The fact is, corona strains have been around for a long time, and these strains almost always work in tandem. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine which of a multitude of strains caused the death.
These new deaths are assigned to corona simply to fit the script, which is why I say the have no medical basis. As admits, they are massaged from the ground up, and this scare has nothing to do with preventing the spread of disease and everything to do with abetting the intentional spread of fear. Do not allow this to succeed. Do not be afraid. I’m not. Be angry.

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