‘Quarantine shaming’: More newspeak to absorb

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The ecofascists coined 0;flight shaming” for wanting to fly.

Now we have quarantine shaming – and the logical extension of snitching to your unfriendly quarantine officer.

East Germany is born again – worldwide.

Wow. Just wow.

I hope being a fakeologist never becomes dangerous.

“Quarantine shaming” — calling out those not abiding by social distancing rules — is part of a new and startling reality for Americans who must navigate a world of rapidly evolving social norms in the age of COVID-19. As schools close and shelter-in-place orders sweep across the U.S., the divide between those who are stringently practicing self-isolation and those who are still trying to go about some semblance of a normal life has never been more clear. Complicating matters: What was socially acceptable ev

Source: ‘Quarantine shaming’: US navigates radical new social norms

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