FAC660-Corona Again

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With Ab, Ashelloo, Bing, Nieam, new voice Casey, Willose, John le Bon

Corona is the that won’t go away, therefore, we will have to talk about it.

Not re-purposing the blog just yet – but it’s going to be Corona heavy for a long time.

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8 thoughts on “FAC660-Corona Again

  1. ricky

    Back home today after two week post op, got some staples taken out and cleared from care. The hospital now has some “screening” tents you must pass through to gain entrance into the building, they take your’ temp. and ask some questions. The techs are all masked and dressed in very serious looking operating room garb. Inside the hospital is a ghost town, only post op patients like me are being seen, it’s very bizarre knowing what the normal situation is. All that’s missing are real virus patients, but the stagecraft is very serious looking and I’m sure more than enough to reinforce the narrative for the drive-by normies. The hospital rank and file seem very sincere and appear to buy the narrative even with a lack of “victims,” interesting to see the compartmentalization and most employees playing unwitting “roles” in a fraud.

    1. watermanchris

      Yeah. It’s amazing. I had the second person since this whole thing started tell me that they “think they had coronavirus” in the past. Neither had been tested but were just sick. These stories in the future will be told as absolute fact even though neither of these normies will be consciously lying.

      This is how the numbers of “infected” grow because these people relay this story to others and if these others were sick within the last 6 months they start thinking that they too had coronavirus.

      Between these stories and the medical theatrics you observed, it will be very easy to maintain the hoax. Thanks for giving us the scoop from the front lines.

    2. xileffilex

      I went past a major city hospital now and it was like it had been shut down – no ambulances arriving or departing, hardly any people about. And we are treated to these amazing scare stories
      A huge exhibition centre in London is being, allegedly, kitted out as a [wartime style] field hospital staffed by the military [and civilian] medics for 4,000 patients.

      Because every bed in the UK could be full in two weeks….

      note the “Hockey Stick” graph All based on Modelling [simulation] based on the phoney Italian “outbreak” – sole evidence two or three pieces of staged footage with a few people rushing about for the cameras and the sound [lol!] of Oxgyen being pumped.

      I was wondering how long on average all these alleged critical beds in Cremona were occupied by a patient before they expired [allegedly] or returned home.

      Anyway, something the East German dictatorship could only dream of in terms of citizen control has been democratically enacted overnight. Strange old world. “Stay home”….

  2. dante

    -there’s a je ne sais quoi nutrition for the soul to all good comfort foods. fried chicken, collard greens with ham hocks, mac+cheese w/ breadcrumbs, side of candied yams + cornbread, finished off with some pecan pie topped with peach cobbler…would def be a frontrunner for my last meal on death row : )

    -ab have you ever considered installing SSL on the site? also, google hides organic data if people are logged into any google account. perhaps they are doing extra censoring on truth related sites, but this happens to everyone.

  3. ricky

    Good to see you back here “watermanchris,” this stunt has been a depressing experience for me and I’m sure for most “fakeologist” types. The level of conformity and willingness of the masses to buy into the narrative shows me their mind-control efforts have reached their potential. The level of believers is about 90& in my interactions, maybe more. I haven’t listened to this 660 podcast yet but the previous ones about this hoax have been great listening, at least there is some source of common sense, JLB is correct in that they’re the best in years. I had major surgery two weeks ago, I never saw anyone admitted as I recovered, nor have I seen any since I’ve been back for post-op appointments. Just a deserted hospital, taking no new appointments, no elective surgeries, a ghost town since I left. Another crisis with no victims.

    1. watermanchris

      It’s definitely a slap in the face with a wet fish but the silver lining is that it has laid bare the indiocy of the normies. They don’t know anybody who has even gotten sick let alone died from this “pandemic”.

      I’m not sure what was different with this one but people genuinely believe that anybody not practicing “social distancing” is essentially trying to murder innocent people. Maybe it was the cheesy videos of the people “dropping dead” on the streets of China or maybe it was reports like the sky news video analyzed by JLB on his Bitchute channel or maybe it’s the “celebrities” claiming to be “infected”. Whatever the reason, it’s very bizarre.

  4. watermanchris

    The Corona-lie-rus is the gift that keeps on giving!

    The lemmings are genuinely terrified of this invisible “enemy”. The “neo-cons” are declaring war on Covid. Will it last as long as the “War on Terror”? Only time will tell.

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