Corona Collaboration is key

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Mark has been linking to the site. We all have to work together to make any kind of opposition on the big one Coronavirus Hoax 2020.

I’ve added POM to my Corona Links page.

I set out yesterday to centralize all of the links I’ve come upon about Coronavirus. I have a mild case of stenosis, caused by too many years hunched over staring into my computer screen, the CPA’s affliction. Only too late I realized I should have been standing with a workbench in front of me all those years, and not a desk. Literally, looking at all those links was a pain in the neck. This morning AB with this link took on the task himself. Thank you, AB, and thank you for everything you’ve done up to no

Source: Pssst – there is no virus. Don’t tell anyone. They get really angry. – Piece of Mindful

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