2 thoughts on “The hospitals were empty of victims in NYC on 9/11 too

  1. xileffilex

    This guy in Vancouver has been driving around the city’s hospitals, pretending he’s got Crrrrowvid symptoms, asking for a test, and attempting to buttonhole paramedics, doctors etc about whether they’re inundated with sick patients. Everywhere there’s an absence of anything going on. Some of his ‘victims’ are straightforward some hostile. They seem to confirm the indy researcher’s result in NYC.
    The Divide Happened

    Drill Goes Lockdown Phase

    More Visits To The Lie Centres

  2. ricky

    I’m just going to repeat and reference a discussion under podcast 660 between xileffilex, dante, whatermanchris, Ab and myself. I have been to the local hospital for post-op visits twice since surgery on 3/9. I’ve seen no evidence of virus patients, quite the opposite, the hospital is deserted and doing no elective procedures, no lab work, except for in patients, no appointments not considered emergencies, what is visible to a skeptic like me is an elaborate hoax being perpetuated in our local community. I’m not blaming the rank and file, they seem quite sincere and appear very serious minded about this “crisis.” Fakeologists must forever live double lives in order to navigate our social arrangements and preserve our lifelong family and deep friendship connections. I used to think it was a temporary situation, our loved ones will wake up eventually, not anymore, if anything things have gotten worse since 911. We’re going to die amongst complete morons, incapable of critical thought, obedient fools voting for their own enslavement. Have a nice day! As an aside, my wife and I stopped to get some vodka in the local strip mall today, the clinic in said mall were doing “screenings” for the “virus.” Some lady in a “spacesuit” was running the show, complete with an “oxygen” backpack. A wonderful presentation for our fellow shit for brains community, I hate being that harsh, but that’s just the way it is.


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