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Larry Brilliant’s forced vaccinations wins him a cucumber story

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From the Gates/Allen funded Unseen Enemy, this unbelievable story.

One night, Brilliant and his team set up camp in one of the most devastated villages — and got no volunteers for the inoculations that they were offering. Desperate, they ambushed the village leader. They broke into his house as he slept and then vaccinated him. Believing that faith in God meant surrendering to all suffering, the tribal leader considered it his responsibility to resist the doctors. He tried to suck out the vaccine, and he attacked members of the UN team when they vaccinated his wife.

When the battle was over, the leader, exhausted, went into his garden, plucked the single ripe cucumber from its vine, and presented it to a young Indian doctor whom his wife had bitten as she had struggled. The tribal leader had been firm in his faith, he said, but now it was time for truce. As a crowd of villagers gathered to witness the struggle, Brilliant’s Indian colleague refused to accept anything less than total victory. It was Brilliant’s dharma — his destiny — to fight the disease, the doctor explained. Brilliant had come 10,000 miles to this village to save lives because it was his guru’s wish that smallpox should be eradicated. The village leader gave the project his blessing, and the entire village lined up for inoculations.


These are the people bringing US our current Germ War, Coronavirus Hoax 2020.

Believe these people at your peril.

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With new voice Critical Syncer, Ab, Originalsimulant, Willose, Dante, John le Bon, Ashellooooo, Nieam


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Where there’s a hoax, there’s an a$$trueNOT

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These psience guys know something about everything – except space.

Truly a lifetime LARPer role.

Here’s Canada’s version. Find your own depending on your country.

Anon says he’s calling from Corunna (Corona link), Ontario.

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Covid19 and 33 – and Simon notices 11

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I’ve noticed 33 is definitely the Covid19 hoax number of choice.
It’s masonfitti – not saying the masons run the show but their signature number is being used as hoax code.
11s, 22s, multiples of 11 are being used routinely for almost every new announcement surrounding this epic plandemic, signifying the utter fiction that these numbers represent.

Covid-19 and 33 new search


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Hoaxes for Harry Potter fans

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Worldwide media deceptions • Re: The CORONAVIRUS circus www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic….

We have put together some material, making use of some from your Cluesforum and a bunch of other sources, to disseminate as widely as possible. There are a lot of Harry Potter fans, especially among the younger generation, and this should be easy to send to them as well. Something for everyone!

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Faking of a murderer

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A made-for-TV murder mystery was likely as fake as the OJ trial.

Mark looks into the case. I briefly posted on it years ago, but many are watching/listening to it for the first time.

This blending of reality entertainment with “reality” over the past decades has made COVID19 so much easier to sell.

As many people are becoming acutely aware, being quarantined is an excellent excuse to watch an obscene number of movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and all the others. I am certainly finding this out. I have watched more movies in the last week than any human being ever should. One thing I specifically watched this week that I had not seen before is the “Making a Murderer” Netflix series. As “awakened” individuals, we can often view these things from a strange perspective. This series is no d

Source: Quarantine Eureka: ‘Making A Murderer’ Victim Halbach is Not Dead – Piece of Mindful

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Corona ch-ch-changes

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In Ontario, teachers’ unions are opposed to e-learning – and striking over it.

Schools, classrooms are all anachronisms in an electronic world – and the unions know this. In a globalist world, lessons could come from the Global Ministry of Knowledge, and distributed via video. How many teachers would be needed in a centralized world? 99% less – the human helpers could be simple TAs.

COVID will bring big change in all facets of life, all in the name of avoiding death-by-virus (DBV).

Some teachers here are trying to use tech to teach, as millions of students stay home playing video games.

Those teachers are already told to STOP, as the union knows they are capitulating to the Ministry’s future plans.

Teachers opposed e-learning pre-COVID – and they’ll oppose it post COVID.

COVID will change all this. Just wait.

But before the lesson could even begin, it was cancelled. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation told its members to hold off and advised that teachers instead direct students and parents to the provincial government’s learn-at-home website.

Source: Ontario teachers hosting virtual lessons as COVID-19 keeps students out of class | CBC News

Covid is a cover story, a catalyst to enact all the changes that most democracies have resisted – especially the most decentralized area of the world, the USA.

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