Corona ch-ch-changes

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In Ontario, teachers’ unions are opposed to e-learning – and striking over it.

Schools, classrooms are all anachronisms in an electronic world – and the unions know this. In a globalist world, lessons could come from the Global Ministry of Knowledge, and distributed via video. How many teachers would be needed in a centralized world? 99% less – the human helpers could be simple TAs.

COVID will bring big change in all facets of life, all in the name of avoiding death-by-virus (DBV).

Some teachers here are trying to use tech to teach, as millions of students stay home playing video games.

Those teachers are already told to STOP, as the union knows they are capitulating to the Ministry’s future plans.

Teachers opposed e-learning pre-COVID – and they’ll oppose it post COVID.

COVID will change all this. Just wait.

But before the lesson could even begin, it was cancelled. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation told its members to hold off and advised that teachers instead direct students and parents to the provincial government’s learn-at-home website.

Source: Ontario teachers hosting virtual lessons as COVID-19 keeps students out of class | CBC News

Covid is a cover story, a catalyst to enact all the changes that most democracies have resisted – especially the most decentralized area of the world, the USA.

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