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Your post-3/11 world is bringing new terms to the forefront, such as social distancing, self quarantining, and other words that mirror the 1984 terms that we all heard in school. 1984 was not prescient, but more a preconditioning for what has been planned for, to allow you to more readily accept your new world.

Let’s review all the terms below and watch which COVID terms are born from them in the coming days.

I particularly like ownlife, a term when you turn away from the telescreen and perhaps critically think for yourself.


ante — The prefix that replaces before; e.g. antefiling meaning before filing
artsem — Artificial insemination
bb — Big Brother
bellyfeel — The blind, enthusiastic acceptance of an idea
blackwhite — When used on an opponent, it means to believe that black is white, despite the facts; on a Party member, it means the ability to believe that black is white, to know that black is white, and to forget that one ever believed the contrary
crimestop — To rid oneself of unorthodox thoughts that interfere with believing the tenets of Ingsoc’s ideology
crimethink — The criminal act of holding politically unorthodox thoughts that contradict the tenets of Ingsoc (English Socialism), frequently referred to by the standard English “thoughtcrime”
dayorder — Order of the day
doubleplusgood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning 0;superlatively good”, such as excellent, fabulous, and fantastic
doubleplusungood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning “superlatively bad”, such as terrible and horrible
doublethink — The act of simultaneously believing two, mutually contradictory ideas
duckspeak — Automatic, vocal support of political orthodoxies
facecrime — A facial expression which communicates that they have committed thoughtcrime
free — The absence and the lack of something
–ful — The suffix for forming an adjective
good — A synonym for “orthodox” and orthodoxy
goodthink — Political orthodoxy as defined by the Party
goodsex — Sexual intercourse only for procreation, with zero physical pleasure on either part, and strictly in a marriage context
ingsoc — English Socialism
joycamp — Labour camp
malquoted — Inaccurate representations of the words of Big Brother and of the Party
Miniluv — The Ministry of Love, where the secret police interrogate and torture the enemies of Oceania
Minipax — The Ministry of Peace, who wage defensive war for Oceania
Minitrue — The Ministry of Truth, who manufacture consent by way of propaganda and altered historical records, while supplying the proles (proletariat) with culture and entertainment
Miniplenty — The Ministry of Plenty, who keep the population in continual economic hardship (starvation and rationing)
Oldspeak – Standard English
oldthink — Ideas from the time before the Party’s revolution
ownlife — A person’s anti-social tendency to enjoy solitude and individualism
plusgood — The word that replaced Oldspeak words meaning “very good”, such as great
Pornosec — The pornography production section of the Ministry of Truth’s Fiction Department
prolefeed — Popular culture for entertaining Oceania’s proletariat
Recdep — The Ministry of Truth’s Records Department, where Winston Smith edits the historical records so they conform to the Party policy
rectify — The Ministry of Truth euphemism for the alteration of the historical record
ref — To refer (to someone or something)
sec — Sector
sexcrime — Sexual intercourse for pleasure
speakwrite — A machine that transcribes speech into text
telescreen — A two-way television set with which the Party spy upon Oceania’s population
thinkpol — The Thought Police
unperson — An executed person whose existence is erased from public and private memory
upsub — An upwards submission to higher authority; ordered to rewrite fullwise, and upsub antefiling, Winston Smith edits a document so it conforms to the Party policy
–wise — The only suffix for forming an adverb

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