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2 thoughts on “FAC662-Coronathon

  1. Carys

    Thanks xileffilex. We were trying to understand how the testing was working in the UK. Again, its hard to wrap your head around the scale of this and “how many people must be involved” – until you realise it doesn’t have to be that many at all. A psyop of statistics. Brilliant fact-finding as always.

  2. xileffilex

    Good chat on the Phoney Corona testing.
    A recent UK article says test results come back the same working day, yet an earlier Canadian video from Winnipeg stated it was a two-stage confirmation which took 24 hours!
    From about 1.10 here

    We’re told 25,000 tests have been undertaken in the UK.
    The Guardian reported recently that a Brisbane lab in Australia, Sullivan Nicolaides, carries out 1500 tests a day – 80, 000 tests in total in Australia on March 17 already.
    What’s the cost?
    How much will it cost?
    There is now a Medicare rebate to cover the cost of coronavirus testing.
    If a valid Medicare card is not held, an upfront payment of $110 is required.
    , approx USD 66.

    In the UK it seems that all testing is done by Government laboratories. And even then, the regional test has to be sent to one regional centre in London for confirmation!
    Samples which are positive on initial testing are considered presumptive positives and should be referred to PHE Colindale for confirmatory testing.
    source updated March 26 2020

    This is one big black box hoax.


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