Larry Brilliant’s forced vaccinations wins him a cucumber story

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From the Gates/Allen funded Unseen Enemy, this unbelievable story.

One night, Brilliant and his team set up camp in one of the most devastated villages — and got no volunteers for the inoculations that they were offering. Desperate, they ambushed the village leader. They broke into his house as he slept and then vaccinated him. Believing that faith in God meant surrendering to all suffering, the tribal leader considered it his responsibility to resist the doctors. He tried to suck out the vaccine, and he attacked members of the UN team when they vaccinated his wife.

When the battle was over, the leader, exhausted, went into his garden, plucked the single ripe cucumber from its vine, and presented it to a young Indian doctor whom his wife had bitten as she had struggled. The tribal leader had been firm in his faith, he said, but now it was time for truce. As a crowd of villagers gathered to witness the struggle, Brilliant’s Indian colleague refused to accept anything less than total victory. It was Brilliant’s dharma — his destiny — to fight the disease, the doctor explained. Brilliant had come 10,000 miles to this village to save lives because it was his guru’s wish that smallpox should be eradicated. The village leader gave the project his blessing, and the entire village lined up for inoculations.…

These are the people bringing US our current Germ War, Coronavirus Hoax 2020.

Believe these people at your peril.

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