Where there’s a hoax, there’s an a$$trueNOT

likes this

These psience guys know something about everything – except space.

Truly a lifetime LARPer role.

Here’s Canada’s version. Find your own depending on your country.

Anon says he’s calling from Corunna (Corona link), Ontario.

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1 thought on “Where there’s a hoax, there’s an a$$trueNOT

  1. Carys

    Interesting that, of all the musicians he could have cited, Hadfield chooses to mention Bob Dylan as an example of someone whose songs people in quarantine could learn to play at home (@12.56)

    Dylan released a new single this week – the first in eight years – called Murder Most Foul. It’s about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and a photo of JFK appears on the artwork.

    “Zapruder’s film I seen night before,
    Seen it 33 times, maybe more.”

    Reviewers have noted how some of the lyrics are pertinent to the age of coronavirus. Though this one stood out too: “Greatest magic trick ever under the sun.”


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