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FAK222-Evening Corona

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Update: Audio fixed

Tom Dalpra is back – and so is Videre!

Also starring Anounceofsalt, Ashelloooo, Nieam, Geris, Rollie, Beevie, Originalsimulant, Farcevalue, DG

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We have 320,000 viri already

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This guy says they’re not lying when they say everyone has coronavirus. We also have 319,999 more.

Everyone in the world sitting around watching Netflix should be trying to crowdsource virus research. After all, they’re notndoing anything else useful.

Not sure if this guy is correct, but he spins a good theory.

H/t Ellisdee

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The elite are fighting, and that’s good news

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Coronavirushoax2020 may end by Easter and other juicy bits from Miles.

Which is to say, I see signs once again that the Families/PhoenicianNavy is split. A powerful faction is using this hoax to rape the worldwide treasuries again, in truly spectacular fashion, but another powerful faction does not approve. Some in this second faction don’t approve because they see worldwide treasuries as a zero-sum game: if Gates/DHS steals everything, there won’t be anything left for them. Others in this second faction don’t approve because they see the host being killed: there is only so much blood these vampires can suck from a body before it ceases to exist. And I generously suppose others in the second faction may actually have a conscience.



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Bill Gates, virus specialist

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Why is the so-called inventor of the worst operating system dominating the world being touted as the coronavirus expert? Ask yourself are there no doctors that are more qualified to dispense opinion other than Bill Gates to have on a panel?

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It won’t be a few weeks – it’ll be a few years

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Buckle up folks this is going to last a while: this has been planned well for at least 20 years.

On 11th March 2020 the “Neue Rheinische Zeitung NRhZ” drew attention (in the article “Two Corona Mosaic Stones“) to a publication by the German government in January 2013: the “Information from the German government – Report on risk analysis in civil protection 2012” (printed matter 17/12051 of 3rd January 2013). In it, frightening similarities with what is currently happening can be seen – in particular by explicitly mentioning the “SARS coronavirus (CoV)”. The scenario presented, in which the spread, course, duration, mortality etc. are described, goes as far as to make a drastic restriction of fundamental rights necessary.


H/t Walter Veith

I believe the Corona Virus Hoax 2020 is following a script, I just hope it isn’t as big a script as Walter lays out.

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FAC663-More Corona

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Every title may have Corona in it.

With Ab, Rollie, DG, Fever, Harry, Robee Parkher, Baldi

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FAK221-My Corona

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With a big group, as usual, including:

Ab, Ashelloooo, Exoterick, Golden Skidmark, Velocet, Critical Syncer, Whey Farer, Geris, Willose, DG from Iraq?, Farcevalue, Evil Edna, Beevie

We talk Corona most of the time.

Show notes


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FAK221-Show notes

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Today at 8:52 AM

I am not amused.

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