It won’t be a few weeks – it’ll be a few years

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Buckle up folks this is going to last a while: this has been planned well for at least 20 years.

On 11th March 2020 the “Neue Rheinische Zeitung NRhZ” drew attention (in the article “Two Corona Mosaic Stones“) to a publication by the German government in January 2013: the “Information from the German government – Report on risk analysis in civil protection 2012” (printed matter 17/12051 of 3rd January 2013). In it, frightening similarities with what is currently happening can be seen – in particular by explicitly mentioning the “SARS coronavirus (CoV)”. The scenario presented, in which the spread, course, duration, mortality etc. are described, goes as far as to make a drastic restriction of fundamental rights necessary.…

H/t Walter Veith

I believe the Hoax 2020 is following a script, I just hope it isn’t as big a script as Walter lays out.

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1 thought on “It won’t be a few weeks – it’ll be a few years

  1. Carys

    Aaaaand cut. Watch it fade to black as fast as it appeared. The news media, however, will be talking about it and referencing it ad infinitum.


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