1 thought on “Let’s make this video go cORoNa vIrAL

  1. dante

    cool video… but won’t make a dent with the pre-demented :/

    her nabe “isn’t a hot zone”

    her nabe ‘”isn’t in china, italy or nyc or spain”

    ‘”she may not know anyone, and they may not know anyone, but theres obviously hundreds of thousands infected. i know several who’ve tested positive.”

    if trying to ‘wake’ anyone up, i think it’s important for Faks not to focus on the tests for ‘positive Covid’

    but ultimately it makes no difference.

    and TPTB / TPWRTS / ELITE know it makes no difference.

    the game is afoot … and the grand finale will play out regardless of how many see the naked emperor.

    perhaps defeatist, perhaps depressing….but half full or empty, the vessel is what it is.

    and eventually needs to be washed.


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