FAC664-Sir Russell Crowe live!

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Corona has been a call-to-arms (or voices) for Fakeologists.

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3 thoughts on “FAC664-Sir Russell Crowe live!

  1. smj

    I’m having trouble reconciling the filterable agents(later to be called viruses of course)exist cause they are small enough to go thru a Chamberland filter…


    …with the following…

    Gel electrophoresis utilizes a porous gel matrix through which proteins or nucleic acids migrate. Both nucleic acids and proteins possess a net-negative electrical charge, a property that is leveraged to facilitate the migration of the desired molecule through the medium.

    The gel box features a cathode at one end and an anode at the other. The box is filled with an ionic buffer, which creates an electric field when a charge is applied. Since the proteins and nucleic acids have a uniformly negative charge, the molecules will migrate towards the positive electrode. The speed of this migration is dependent on how easily the molecules move through the pores of the gel. The smaller the molecule, the more easily they “fit” through the pores, and thus, the faster they migrate.  When completed, this process results in unique bands of proteins or nucleic acids that are separated based on their molecular weight. Starting with heterogenous material, this technique is a powerful method to identify and separate distinct molecules.

    Preparing an electrophoresis gel. Photo courtesy of Accuris by Benchmark Scientific.
    Gel electrophoresis can be conducted in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.  Horizontal gels are typically composed of an agarose matrix, while vertical gels are generally composed of an acrylamide matrix. Pore sizes of these gels depend on the concentration of chemical components: agarose gel pores (100 to 500 nm diameter) are larger and less uniform compared to that of acrylamide gelpores (10 to 200 nm in diameter). Comparatively, DNA and RNA molecules are larger than a linear strand of protein, which are often denatured prior to, or during this process, making them easier to analyze. Thus, DNA and RNA molecules are more often run on agarose gels (horizontally), while proteins are run on acrylamide gels (vertically)…


    …maybe Ashleyhoo has some insight?

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