3 thoughts on “FAC665-Corona Again

  1. ricky

    Have you listened back to your’ recent chats Ab? Your’ audio has been consistently poor, cutting out frequently. The content has been really good overall but I sympathize with JLBs lack of patience in this audio, after two weeks of the MSM meally-mouth dissembling, most of us are in no mood to hear it here.

    1. ab Post author

      Sorry but mobile audio is hard to regulate. Some BT connections are poor so I apologise. I dislike bad audio too but there’s so much to say I try and get it all out conditions be damned.

  2. dante

    this is not aimed at Geris, but however cordial and cool people are, it is annoying when people join or are on a live chat and have all sorts of noise going on in the background or are making noise while audible. same for connectivity issues. i often have the latter hence don’t join chats to not waste time with the predictable robotic voices and all of that. everyone should be mindful of these things.

    that said, how many here are aware this is not just an ordinary hoax to go away in the summer? bigger than all hoaxes combined. the ‘granddaddy’ of hoaxes? if so, what are you doing about it?

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