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  1. xileffilex

    Well, here we are 7 [not 6] months down the line…. as they were telling us. But this little coincidence is becoming a little more public….
    2020 divided by 666= 3.033 recurring
    Here’s Mick O’Bama on August 18:
    Michelle Obama @MichelleObama
    If we want to end the chaos and division—and keep alive the possibility of progress on the issues we hold dear—we’ve got to vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris like our lives depend on it. Register today by texting VOTE to 30330.

    Anyway, coincidence or in-joke, we still have the rule of “six” here in the UK

  2. ricky

    Good thoughts Tom and xileffilex, your’ last point stirred me to comment. I visited Yosemite valley last spring, I hadn’t been there since I was 10, 57 years ago. What I hadn’t appreciated as a kid was the incredible scale of those natural formations, I was looking around almost disbelieving the setting were even real. That’s the same reaction I’m having going about everyday life now, it’s still not quite registering the level of idiocy and conformity on display. Mission accomplished for the elites, I don’t think there’s anything that could possibly wake up the masses at this point. America with all our guns aren’t a threat to the controllers, they’ll just turn them against one another with another mind trick, works every time now.

  3. xileffilex

    around 1h 31.40m – the guidelines are ADVISABLE and NOT enforceable. eg leaving home for exercise:.

    To take exercise (the guidelines suggest once a day, and in Wales that is the law)

    source BBC
    How long can you exercise even if you restrict oneself to one a day?
    How often can one go to the shops for “basic food necessities”?
    It’s a total farce but the idiots are self-enforcing themselves to isolated madness.

  4. Tom Dalpra

    Just listening to the early part about numbers, it was episode 666, after all.
    I feel the same way that ab and alto do about numbers. I’m not obsessed. However, there are some big classic examples worth noting.

    The so-called ‘Number of the Beast’ was seen as important enough for the hidden hand of power to write two major British events into the history of the year 1666.


    Both of these events were taught to me and the rest of the countries’ children, in Primary School. The Great Fire of London in 1666 very neatly wiped out the financial district of London rather like 9/11, though there were only 6 reported deaths. An obvious psyop, it would appear (today London comprises of 33 districts, 32 Boroughs and the stand-alone City of London district).
    Relevant to today’s operation, perhaps, The Great Plague of London was said to have wiped-out 100,00 people -a quarter of the cities’ population. The 1665–66 epidemic was on a far smaller scale than the earlier Black Death pandemic, but it was this event that was remembered afterwards as the “great” plague 1666 and taught in schools to this day, along with the ‘Great’ Fire.

    When we’re taught these things at school the 1666 isn’t lost on us. I remember clearly thinking as an 8 year old that it was a spooky coincidence that the devilish 666 accompanied those events.

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