2 thoughts on “You didn’t believe in the coming alien invasion

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    as most of you know 911 was worlds fair for the template that is terra-ism the famillies and controlling interests needed a catalyst that would fit the decimation of their (aforementioned interests)terraist friendly countries (pretty much anywhere with sand )
    a big trick to fool their gullible apes , so knowing what we know about 911 , and listening to ab n faye earlier ,in a live chat could #film your hospital be used to progress the transition of murican healthcare abroad , a vote of no confidence in trump arising from him being incompetant
    now not that i dont commend freelance journalism, or filming the drill as it happens ,but once bitten twice shy ,when it comes to whistleblowing
    id like to hear fakeologist elaborate on the steps he mentioned earlier ….

    borders bad no borders good
    breathing out bad no breathing in bad
    and fancy the trophy of capitalism trump maybe bringing comunism to murica
    a total 180, and dont forget order66inches apart

  2. ricky

    At this point you don’t believe the public wouldn’t buy it Ab? They’re ready, and they’ve been ready for a long time. Isn’t the ISS flying over your’ house real soon? They could be towing an ad banner like we used to get on the beach in the summer, maybe it will read “Practice social distancing you stupid fools,” and the normies still wouldn’t get the hint. At least the invasion optics would be more entertaining than this virus hoax provides.

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