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Using 9/11 as an historical analog, we can infer what will come next.

3/11 was Trump’s 9/11 event. Of course all governments gain from this. Unlike 9/11, we didn’t get the fireworks show. This wasn’t an action movie. This explains why “3/11” isn’t being thrown out as a sign of solidarity as with 9/11.


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COVID test: 80.33% false positives

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Their own numbers are telling you this is fake. They always do. Details like this will be lost in the noise.

“When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%, in contrast, the false-positive rate of positive results was 80.33%. [emphasis mine]

Source: Navigating The “Coronavirus-Panic”: 8 Inconvenient Facts To Consider

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