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FAK224-OBF talks Corona

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Old friend OBF is back.

Onebornfree’s Financial Safety Reports”: onebornfreesfinancialsafetyrep…
OneBornfree’s Mythbusters + Freedom Network Blog
“Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”or “improved”,simply because of their …
FakeologistToday at 8:56 PM
FakeologistToday at 9:29 PM

Fake Eye “D”
“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”- by Fake-Eye “D”

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It’s a Corona hoax, dummy

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OBF’s blog

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My guest has a great blog.

The Rockefeller “Lockstep” Global Pandemic Scam
“A Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network whitepaper published in May of 2010 reveals a planned scenario in which governments around the world would be able to more easily take over society and institute a total and complete Orwellian police state by locking down the remaining few humans that survive a contrived pandemic outbreak.”

The Corona Hoax – How The Whole World Was Fooled Into Impoverishment and Enslavement Overnight
Jeff Berwick /Dollar Vigilante video

The Crimson Contagion Pandemic Scam
“Crimson Contagion was a simulation administered by the Department of Health and Human Services from January to August 2019 that tested the capacity of the U.S. federal government and twelve U.S. states to respond to a severe influenza pandemic originating in China.”


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How long will the sheep take this?

like this

Masks, line ups for food, cower in place-how long will the flock play this asocial experiment charade before they realise they are being played?

When will we get a scene like this?

As I clicked post, an emergency bleating came through on my slave tracking device. Amazing.

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He’s called this day for decades

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Even a stopped clock is right once a day, OR Allan Watt has predicted (or been told) about 3/11 for a long time. He could also just be able to read the tea leaves.

[Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt Podcast (.xml Format)] Mar. 29, 2020 “Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt (Blurb, i.e. Educational […] #cuttingThroughTheMatrixWithAlanWattPodcastXmlFormat
podplayer.net/?id=100485473 via @PodcastAddict

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With Farcevalue, John le Bon, Ab, new voice Veritas, Gaia, Ashelloooo, Originalsimulant, Rollie

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FAK223-Show notes

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Our entire culture is narcissistic & we are all being thought-reformed through Global psychological warfare and trauma programming. I use my channel to resea…

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the Guardian
The Prince of Wales has paid tribute to the ‘selfless devotion’ of NHS staff and urged the nation ‘to look forward to better times to come’

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FAK223-Corona again

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We do our weekly chat with Exoterick, Goldenskidmark, Gaia, Velocet, Xileffelix. Farcevalue

Show notes

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