FAK224-OBF talks Corona

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Old friend OBF is back.

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1 thought on “FAK224-OBF talks Corona

  1. willard

    Thank you Ab for posting this. It was great to hear from OBF. I was one of the first people to your site right after Sandy Hook and I remember OBF. Thanks to both of you and my following of the site over the years I am to see through this operation easily.

    Here is a sample of their use of the media.
    This guy survives but does not infect his family.

    This woman has infected her two daughters who then were sick for one day and recovered. The woman herself had 13 symptons.

    Here story advances the narratice that Gov. Desantis was reckless in handling COVID.

    Here is video from several weeks ago. When I saw this, I knew immediately this was a psyop.


    I never dreamed they would take it this far. OBF is right. The effect on the average American will be catastropic. We will never know the the true scale of the devestation. Only what we see with our own eyes.


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