How long will the sheep take this?

like this

Masks, line ups for food, cower in place-how long will the flock play this asocial experiment charade before they realise they are being played?

When will we get a scene like this?

As I clicked post, an emergency bleating came through on my slave tracking device. Amazing.

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4 thoughts on “How long will the sheep take this?

  1. ricky

    I forgot to mention something Brian Staveley said on one of his recent vids Ab, he lives with his cousins, one of whom is a nurse. She told him her hours were cut in half but would still be paid for full time for two weeks. After that it was suggested she collect unemployment because she would be “furloughed” for awhile. It’s just an anecdotal account but it was notable based on your’ theory of a U.S. medical system overhaul. I know some nurses in our local hospital, I’m going to find out if anything similar is happening here.


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