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New banners poll

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Jr. Fakeologist came up with some great new banners to represent the latest biggest for fakeologist.com.
Take the poll and vote on your favorite.









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DNS with Covid Corona in it

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Apparently the controllers have scared the DNS registrars with copyright?

Unfortunately, the domain name coronavirus???????.? detected in our system as a banned domain because of the ‘coronavirus’ part. Namecheap respects the intellectual property rights of others, such as trademarks, copyrights or else. That’s why famous Covid-19 related names are identified by our system as banned keywords and cannot be used for domain registration.

Please note that we can whitelist the domain in question for registration, but in case it’s proved to be an infringement case, you run the risk of losing the domain with no possibility of the refund. If you still want to proceed with registering the domain, please confirm you understand the above-mentioned consequences.

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Coronavirushoax2020 banner

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Calling all designers!

I need some new Fakeologist.com banners – this time with the 3/11-Corona-Covid hoax theme in mind.

It has to be 960 × 250 pixels.

There are a number of banner making services online.

Please make Fakeologist.com the prominent text. Please include corona virus graphic representations.

Here’s a site I’ve used in the past: pixlr.com

Be creative!

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COVID deniers beware

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Not sure if this guy is controlled opposition, but he’s making the MSM.

Dissent=hate speech=dangerous to the public.

First Hit Piece the night his studio was shut down globalnews.ca/news/6708965/de… Newest Hit Piece On The Evening News globalnews.ca/news/6777373/bc… Search Result To Find The Facebook Post with Comment Section www.facebook.com/search/top/?… Reporters Email Neetu Garcha Neetu.Garcha@globalnews.ca Original Full Interview Video On Flat Earth Focker’s Channel youtu.be/JZ43sEx7MqA www.youtube.com/user/MrYogiMak

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