Who famous doesn’t have it?

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The clown show adds a clown to the car.

Pretty soon everyone is going to want it.

Former President Barack has tested positive for coronavirus. The statesman published a statement on Sunday saying that he had tested positive on Sunday after experiencing symptoms on Saturday.

Source: Barack Obama tests positive for coronavirus – World News Live

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7 thoughts on “Who famous doesn’t have it?

  1. xileffilex

    I guess this is as near as a celeb death so far. Singer/Songwriter John Prine in Nashville
    He maaaaay have died, he’d had neck cancer in the past but….
    He was 73. The cause was complications related to COVID-19, his family confirmed to Rolling Stone.
    [he was] hospitalized last month after the sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms, and was placed in intensive care for 13 days. Prine’s wife and manager, Fiona, announced on March 17th that she had tested positive for the virus after they had returned from a European tour.

    Is it beyond possibility that celebs can assist the panicdemic by offering to retire early for the cause? As in the usual roll call of hoaxes?

  2. willard

    @-Xileffelix, I really wonder who is going to be the first “influencer” to succumb to this evil scourge. Perhaps we should set up a pool in the forum.

      1. willard

        Yes, I remember. My guess is Chris Cuomo. At the rate they are going anything less would be half-stepping.

        1. vantassel

          I reckon one of their fake Bad Guys.Snowed In or Ju(LIAN) (ASS)ange.He’s not much use anymore since he’s banged up.A classic martyr.

  3. xileffilex

    Looks like Tiger Woods has been beaten to ‘”testing positive” by the tiger in NY [hmm] zoo. Too late now for him to join the celeb cast.


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