Greta meets Mr. Bill

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This banner was born out of my idea that Greta was brought to us as a softener or pre-game for the Corona crash.

Her demand for a system reset – literally blowing up the economy to recreate a new one that doesn’t hurt Mother Earth/Gaia – was farcical on its face. Her Friday strikes and staged appearance at the UN bordered on child abuse.

It seemed that her climate change strikes weren’t going to go far. They came up against the military industrial complex that wasn’t about to budge.

Then Corona came. Its goals, to reset and rebuilt the economy in the Gates War on Germs image, are the same as the climate change agents’.

The Coronavirushoax agent, the COVID19 central lie, is much more insidious, and farther reaching than the climate change hoax themes could ever be.

Greta’s dust to change the world is COVID19, given to her by the affable Mr. Gates. It’s her dream come true.

One eyed occult Greta

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