$880 walk in the park

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$880 (11x) to walk in the park near your house.

Pretty sure it’s a real ticket, although the PO name is C. Sensicle.

Address+park checks out.

Fake reason, real laws – although I’m guess it might be fought – whenever the courts reopen.

A massive with unlimited consequences.

A giant reset.

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1 thought on “$880 walk in the park

  1. xileffilex

    Hard to know if this is another staged event to scare people into staying home – that’s what they want.
    Police officers in the UK also have powers to fine people under emergency Covid laws. but iti’s far from clear cut what ‘reasonable’ is…

    New York scare stories are being imported wholesale into the UK by the presstitutes of the BBC – the threat of mass burials in New York for one, and that there is “twice the daily number of all deaths in NY state JUST from Coronavirus. ** Alleged. Any numbers will do.

    One of the “doctors” being taken over the jumps was a Dr Tsion Firew *** whose page is blank! “surreal” is how she describes the over-hyped situation.

    I’m guessing she’s at the Presbyterian Hospital, which has been featured in the #filmyourhospital clips, showing no apparently emergency

    ** bringer of good tidings [for the hoaxers] here, Michael Lanotte. Executive Director of the NY State Funeral Directors association [good business there if there really IS a spike in summer deaths, which I somehow doubt

    *** from Ethiopia [c.f. head of the WHO] who convenientlly for the media is showing ‘symptoms’ of COVID

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