The world’s most powerful doctor

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0;Things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.”

Meet the world’s most powerful doctor

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2 thoughts on “The world’s most powerful doctor

  1. xileffilex

    I just noticed the this fellow – who lost out to Tedros as head of the WHO…

    Feb 26 2020

    Dr David Nabarro, Imperial’s Chair of Global Health, has been appointed as a special envoy for the response to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak.

    Yeah, we know about “special envoys”…
    The same Imperial College whence predictions about 500,000 UK deaths emerged to scare us witless at the start of the hoaxing .

    This guy IS a very important DOCTOR **

    Dr David Nabarro @davidnabarro
    We must anticipate the worst even though it is disturbing. Billions of people are struggling. Resist the temptation to blame and criticize. That time will come and we will all be accountable. Now focus on learning constantly and apply it immediately. Act without regrets.
    5:24 pm · 7 Apr 2020

    ** UN System Senior Coordinator for Avian and Pandemic Influenza from 2005 – 2014, but only noted as former U.N. special envoy for Ebola in the Politico article.…


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