FAK225-Markus Allen

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Markus and I do a call – and I was on time!

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1 thought on “FAK225-Markus Allen

  1. Gabriel

    Really great talk Tim and Markus. I always learn something new from Markus and I really appreciate your perspective on things Tim.

    We lived through 9/11 and its ramifications and I cannot believe the perps could top that. Sure enough this global virus hoax is way bigger. It affects all of us in different ways. For three weeks I have had to work out of my home. I hate working from home. I need the separation that my workplace provides. At home I don’t have a good stopping point so it feels like I never leave work. I recognize there are lots of people that are out of work and really suffering and it angers me to know that.

    I don’t think you mentioned it but I think the toilet paper shortage is intentional. It is artificial scarcity to reinforce some stress for the people. It makes the problem real to everyone. We are three weeks later and there should be pallets of toilet paper at the stores. Meanwhile, I see Angel Soft and other toilet paper commercials on TV all the time. Its like flaunting the problem. Regardless, I won’t be buying any Angel Soft.

    Here in Texas I am disappointed how many people are falling for this fake virus. I took today off and ran up to the grocery store and could not believe how many non workers were wearing the masks. Also, I noticed at Whole Foods and Tom Thumb that they are forcing everyone through one set of doors. Every time I go to the store things are ratcheted up a little bit more. I expect the next step is to get my temperature taken and handed a mask as I go in. Its just insane.

    Like you I am trying to figure out where this is all headed. The obvious to me is we can expect some requirement to get a vaccine. I will not be getting it. However, it will not surprise me if they try to make it so that we need the vaccine to go to work. I will deal with that when we get there but I don’t want it. I was in Army and National Guard when I was young and I must have gotten a hundred vaccine shots between all the training and travel. I recall being very sick for a long time after getting those shots, especially during basic training.

    I have a lot more to discuss and share and will see about calling into an upcoming show that you are both on. Thanks for taking time to share your own experiences and insights. I am listening again to hear about Markus’s thoughts on the new country. Had to step away the first time and missed that. I feel similar and would like to find a better way to live. I get so frustrated and wonder how I ended up here in all of this. I see through it all just like you.

    Stay safe and sane as best you can.



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