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    1. smj

      It was difficult for me to sleep with deoxyribonuclear bombs exploding in my brain
      -Dr. Eukaryote Mullis

      “Eukaryotes are organisms which are comprised of cell(s) that contain a proper (eu) nucleus, which is shaped somewhat like a kernel (karyon), as opposed to prokaryotes that do not have a proper nucleus.”


      “nucleotide (n.)
      type of chemical compound forming the basic structural unit of a nucleic acid, 1908, from German nucleotid (1907), from nucleo-, modern combining form of Latin nucleus (see nucleus) -ide, with -t- for the sake of euphony.”


      “nucleus (n.)
      1704, “kernel of a nut;” 1708, “head of a comet;” from Latin nucleus “kernel,” from nucula “little nut,” diminutive of nux (genitive nucis) “nut,” from PIE *kneu- “nut” (source also of Middle Irish cnu, Welsh cneuen, Middle Breton knoen “nut,” Old Norse hnot, Old English hnutu “nut”).”


      …carrion, nothing to see here. Eukaryote’s nucleic chain reaction is just another nutty narrative device invented to incite a gullible ape chain reaction.

      Bytheway, if you want to follow the virus narrative google monster the tobacco mosaic virus. Spoiler alert: “contagium vivum fluidum” becomes the device we know as viruses cause of its unfilterable nature even though the filters never claimed to block all cellular life forms. The rockefellers and berkeley would then give us Wendell Stanley and his rca electron microscope(the Russian coinventor of the television made Stanley’s work possible per the narrative of course). His hustle would lead to the “what is life” question that schrodinger answered with his famous book. This would inspire delbruck, watson, pauling, and crick and sundry particle chasers(natural philosophers) to answer schrodinger’s cosmological question. Long story short, the lifeless code bearer(Moses)was necessary(along with isotopes and a feckin blender of course)for the dna hustle…


      …Wittgenstein’s nephew laid it all out of course…



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