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Your future fashion accessories

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Lifekey has introduced a new technology that could help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your community and help people get back to work and travel post-quarantine. “We have already built a secure, HIPAA compliant platform for you to store and share your personal medical data when it’s needed most,” said Lifekey CEO, Jason Kintzler. “This was a logical next step for us that can potentially save lives in the process.”

Source: COVID-19 public alert system and immunity I.D. band could save lives – Buckrail – Jackson Hole, news

One for the infants:

Immunization “charm” bracelets.

Of course, they could just put it in an app that you’d have to show or RFID to get around.

So much for freedom of mobility.

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Master Hoax Corona clears all prior psyops

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Remember the phony Iran plane crash psyop?

The yellow jacket two year French/Dutch protest?

The Hong Kong uprising?

They’ve all been reset and neutralized, and will likely go down the rabbit hole – forever.

Canada told Iran this week to hold off indefinitely from going forward with the much-anticipated download and analysis of flight recorders recovered from the wreckage of downed Flight 752 that killed dozens of Canadians.


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You want this guy leading the NWO eco religion?

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The Pope is fully on board to lead whatever eco religion the world’s being pushed to, with Gaia as the new God and Covid as the new devil.

The coordination is staggering.

Pope Francis says coronavirus could be ‘nature’s response’ to climate change


That’s essentially the theme of these two banners.

The Pope also calls for a universal/guaranteed basic income.

“This may be the time,” he said, “to consider a universal basic wage.” This points unmistakably to what is usually known as universal basic income—a regular, substantial cash payment to people just for being alive.

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Back it up – 6 feet ain’t enough

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The phony narrative keeps morphing, the hallmark of psyops. When you can’t convince, confuse.

Some humorous agitprop.

Further studies of air samples in hospital wards treating COVID-19 patients uncovered that the virus could travel up to 13 feet, more than twice the distance current social distancing guidelines mandate.


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