Master Hoax Corona clears all prior psyops

likes this

Remember the phony ?

The yellow jacket two year French/Dutch protest?

The Hong Kong uprising?

They’ve all been reset and neutralized, and will likely go down the rabbit hole – forever.

Canada told Iran this week to hold off indefinitely from going forward with the much-anticipated download and analysis of flight recorders recovered from the wreckage of downed Flight 752 that killed dozens of Canadians.…

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1 thought on “Master Hoax Corona clears all prior psyops

  1. xileffilex

    Man who “lost” wife and daughter in the fake Iranian plane crash: “”This waiting is killing us,””

    But you can always squeeze some news content out of any past psy-op –
    Hey, we forgot the second anniversary of the phoney Humboldt Broncos bus crash!
    Father of Humboldt Bronco disappointed Saskatchewan is relaxing trucking rules – due to the Coronavirushoax…
    source, March 31 2020
    Scott Thomas and his family marked the second anniversary of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash with food.
    Scott smiled as he recalled his son Evan’s love of Kraft Dinner and Bud Light. For dinner, steak and potatoes were a favourite.

    Source Global News

    Some families hoped to attend a small ceremony Monday in Humboldt, others wanted to visit the crash site, and some wanted to gather with family and friends.
    Instead, they’ll stay home because of restrictions related to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    No opportunity wasted to spread the message “stay home!”


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