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FAK227-Tim Ozman

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I was a guest on Tim’s show – talking about what else- Corona!

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Clairvoyant or Plandemic?

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All presidents are actors, playing for the same globalist team. Trump may seem to be on the nationalist side, but even if he was, he must dance to the globalist tune if he wants to remain actor in chief.

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COVID magic numbers

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Every single number in this (massaged) story is occult.

It’s off the charts in your face.

It’s not magic – it’s just in-your-face scripting, graffiti for the scriptwriters to tell tell each other that their audience is as dumb as rocks for (not) noticing, and not being able to do a damn thing about it.


Ontario’s regional transit agency says ridership on its bus and rail network is down to approximately 33,000 people per day, a 90 per cent decrease since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Metrolinx, which operates GO Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, says ridership dipped to those levels last week and has stayed there as people continue to work from home and self-isolate. ‘A glimmer of hope’: Health officials expect number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario to start going down soon A spokesper.

Prior to the pandemic, daily ridership on GO Transit was approximately 330,000 people.

Revenue has also plunged for the agency, down to $1.1 million a week from $11 million weekly prior to the pandemic.

Three GO Transit workers have tested positive for the virus, with another three having probable cases.

Source: GO Transit ridership down 90% as people stay home during COVID-19 pandemic | CBC News

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“BREAKING: Ohio residents protesting #Coronavirus lockdown at state capitol.”

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It’s not shooting, but at least Ohioans are proving they are not rolling over like the rest of the world.

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I can see this replacing the handshake soon

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As our society is driven apart in Covid inspired infinite ways, handshakes, fist bumps, and any other close contact exchanges will be verboten.

It’s been a while since an authoritarian nation has had an official greeting, let alone any type of control over its people.

Either way, the same rules that worked then will likely be reconstituted now. That is, once they’re made legal in the West again.

The second one, bending of the right arm with an open facing palm, will likely be all the rage again.

Hitler gave the salute in two ways. When reviewing his troops or crowds, he generally used the traditional stiff armed salute. When greeting individuals, he used a modified version of the salute, bending his right arm while holding an open hand towards those greeted at shoulder height.


It may be myth, but Hitler was also described as a germophobe. Interesting parallel to this time of house arrest.

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Canadian clown show

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These new Magi are the conduits of the Bill Gates/Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Hoax psyop in Canada.

Literally every aspect of Canadian life, like everywhere else in the WHO worshipping world, is dictated by their regurgitation of the pre- written script.

There is no one validating their numerology. They are simply rebranding normal deaths of (almost exclusively) elderly people.

This charade will be over when Bill Gates and co. want it over. These sad puppets are merely reading their lines, with numbers tweaked for their areas.

Your lawmakers are beholden to them, the proxies of the worldwide WHO scam.

Even if they knew what was coming ahead from their masters, they’d be powerless to counter the herd mentality. They’d be trampled if they counter the fiction with reality.

Canada’s Tam

Ontario’s Williams

Pick your local clown from this channel


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Will they try and make dissent a public endangerment crime?

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A phony virus may be the only excuse they can get the public behind.

That’s why Delta Mayor George Harvie is writing to the provincial government to ask for more power to enforce public health orders and advice.


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Real or staged, the message is disgusting

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Seems our satanic provincial government has chosen the Mercurial number 88 to send nasty messages to its slaves.

The ticket added up to $880 after surcharges. The alleged offence: violating the emergency order issued by the Ontario government that closed outdoor recreation areas to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Source: Coronavirus: Oakville, Ont., family hit with $880 ticket after going rollerblading – Toronto | Globalnews.ca

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