Canadian clown show

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These new Magi are the conduits of the Bill Gates/Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Hoax in Canada.

Literally every aspect of Canadian life, like everywhere else in the WHO worshipping world, is dictated by their regurgitation of the pre- written script.

There is no one validating their numerology. They are simply rebranding normal deaths of (almost exclusively) elderly people.

This charade will be over when Bill Gates and co. want it over. These sad puppets are merely reading their lines, with tweaked for their areas.

Your lawmakers are beholden to them, the proxies of the worldwide WHO scam.

Even if they knew what was coming ahead from their masters, they’d be powerless to counter the herd mentality. They’d be trampled if they counter the fiction with reality.

Canada’s Tam

Ontario’s Williams

Pick your local clown from this channel

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3 thoughts on “Canadian clown show

  1. pink rabbits

    there is no secret that trudeau loves the transgenders and have close friendships with pedophiles,theresa instead, is a secret agent. we must see the biggest picture, folks

  2. xileffilex

    Same old shit show script, as with every other psy-op [except the made up numbers have one or two extra zeros on the end]: x victims are critically injured y victims are walking wounded z victims have died.

    Theresa Tam’s English accent jumped out at me.…
    The Canadian Leading The Fight Against Vaccine Skeptics
    Pandemics and misinformation don’t stand a chance against Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer.
    Aug 23, 2019

    This was 10 years after the start of the [last] H1N1 “Pandemic” which allegedly caused no more than 392 deaths in the United Kingdom, and without any lockdowns or restrictions of movement, it quietly went away…

    key referenced quotes from the above Wiki page
    Professor John Oxford, a virologist at leading London hospital, The Barts and the London, said: “Really, there is very little evidence that masks actually offer much protection against flu.

    On 11 May 2009 UK epidemiologists at Imperial College London considered that H1N1 swine flu was spreading fast enough to justify the preparations for a pandemic. It was showing “sustained human-to-human transmission”, thereby justifying the WHO’s pandemic phase 5 rating. It is estimated that on average each person who contracts flu passes it on to between 1.4 and 1.6 other people, no worse than the three influenza pandemics of the twentieth century. Early analysis suggested that the spread was likely to be similar to the earlier pandemics.

    Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, who advises the Government and the World Health Organization, said on 8 June 2009 that HPA [Health Protection Agency] statistics were at best accounting for half of cases

    Ferguson and his modellers upto their usual tricks.

    I repeat 392 quoted deaths in a country of 60million with no travel restrictions, no destruction of the economy. Drill over.
    “Containment” lasted from 27 April until 2 July. What was “containment ” in that short time?
    The government implemented a policy of recommending antiviral use by those who had come into contact with anyone infected with the virus,
    source LSE

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