Clairvoyant or Plandemic?

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All presidents are actors, playing for the same globalist team. Trump may seem to be on the nationalist side, but even if he was, he must dance to the globalist tune if he wants to remain actor in chief.

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1 thought on “Clairvoyant or Plandemic?

  1. ricky

    That’s a funny question, we all know the answer. One thing I’ve been studying are the sports show hosts here in the U.S. Some of them are the smoothest, most skilled propagandists in media today. That’s one of the problems with becoming a fakeologist, it shatters a lot of your’ old ideas. Anyway, these broadcasters like Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd have huge audiences and they sell the beast system better than any other media personalities I’ve seen. “We’re all in this together, obey the guidelines, trust the experts!” These guys have to pretend to be sincere and honest for three hour shows, five days a week! The most under appreciated liars in media history!

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