I can see this replacing the handshake soon

likes this

As our society is driven apart in Covid inspired infinite ways, handshakes, fist bumps, and any other close contact exchanges will be verboten.

It’s been a while since an authoritarian nation has had an official greeting, let alone any type of control over its people.

Either way, the same rules that worked then will likely be reconstituted now. That is, once they’re made legal in the West again.

The second one, bending of the right arm with an open facing palm, will likely be all the rage again.

gave the salute in two ways. When reviewing his troops or crowds, he generally used the traditional stiff armed salute. When greeting individuals, he used a modified version of the salute, bending his right arm while holding an open hand towards those greeted at shoulder height.


It may be myth, but Hitler was also described as a germophobe. Interesting parallel to this time of house arrest.

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